Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Sweet Sunday Shout out !!

Helloooo ,
i decided to introduce a new section on my blog "Sunday Shout Out " , not necessarily beauty and fashion related... it would be all random.   
There could be nothing better than starting off this section by giving a shout out to "Sweet Paisley" yesterday  i happened to bump into Sweet Paisley's stall at Dilli Hatt , its India's First online pastry shop.

Sweet Paisley was started just two months back. If you guys follow me on Instagram or FB you might now how much i love eating and making cupcakes, so when ever i see beautifully baked  golden muffins/cupcake i need to stuff it in my mouth .. hehe :P

Lemme just show you the beautiful presentation and all the available cupcakes

So coming back to the Sweet Paisley we tried Love in a Cup and Lemon Surprise, both the cupcakes had a very distinct flavour they were soft and fluffy. The flavour was not very overpowering and it had the perfect amount of sweetness , something that you can enjoy with hot cup of coffee in a cold winter evening !! 

I absolutely appreciate the warm smile and excitement with which they welcome their customers even after a very tiring day (its not easy to attend customers from the morning till night.)

They deliver to any part of Delhi (minimum bill should be Rs 750 or more). You can get customized cakes and cupcakes for any occasion.

As they are new in the business please show some love and head over to their Facebook page "HERE" , and let them know i sent you.

To try their signature Cupcakes visit their stall at Dilli Haat near Stall #59 before 15th January.

Love and hugs !!



  1. WOW!!Am drooling over "red velvet" n "chocolate godfather" <3 <3 <3

    1. i wish i had avoided my lateeee lunch i would have tried them all :P

  2. Thank you, Deeptima, so much for this awesome feedback and Special post on us, means tons!! We are glad you liked our cupcakes!!

  3. They look amazing!! I'm so hngry now lol


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