Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday Shout Out : Makeup n Fashion freak

This week went by so fast , its Sunday again and its time for BUD’s Sunday Shout Out !! 

These days I just can’t rely on most product reviews, some are over hyped and some are too long and not at all to the point. I have purchased so many products influenced by those bad reviews and I so regret  it.. (not saying this for any particular blog or blogger..'love and peace')

I have few favorite blogs which I always turn to for review and swatches. One of them happens to be Makeup n Fashion Freak (blogspot) which is owned by my lovely friend and fellow blogger Sheetal , a proud mom of  14 month old lovely daughter who just made a come back.

Just in no time after her comeback  she hit 5000 + facebook fans on her page and 249 (till date) followers on her blog.

On her blog you can find haul posts, reviews, nail art tutorials and fashion posts. Her blog post has also been featured on Maybelline’s Facebook fan page.

Shes not only a good blogger but a wonderful person too , i can say that because we are friends from a really long time, since we both started blogging. I met so many people during this blogging period but i am seriously blessed to have Sheetal as my friend.

(Thanks for always being there Sheetal )

Do stop by her blog : Makeup n Fashion Freak and don’t forget to LIKE her Facebook Fan Page. Am sure you’ll love her blog too.



  1. hello ji.. i thought my comment had been published :(
    neways thnx a lot dea for this and also for always being there :)blessed to have u aswell :))

  2. Oh that's so nice of you that you are featuring people on your blog! Come by and check out my blog, if you like it I would love it if you followed me.

    xo Andrea


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