Sunday, January 27, 2013

Volatile Wonders of Nature Essential Oils from Iraya ( Press info )

Volatile Wonders of Nature Essential Oils from Iraya

Essential oils are one of natures best kept secrets. Along with aromatic and tropical uses, there are many ways in which essential oils can be used in daily grooming, which has the added benefit of the therapeutic properties of the essential oils. Using these volatile wonders of nature forms a integral part of holistic living and healing, however it must be remembered that they are very concentrated, and safety must always be kept in mind.

Keeping the multiple benefits in mind Iraya brings to you the whole range of essential oil for your everyday living. 

Comforting Blend - Lavender & Rosemary : Rs 545

Lavender (Indian) Single: Rs  345
Stress Relieving Blend- Frankincense, Bergamot, Rosewood, Lavender & Sandalwood: Rs 545
Sensual Blend- Neroli & Lavender: Rs 545

Lemongrass Single: Rs 345
Ylang Ylang Single: Rs 345
Peppermint Single: Rs 345
Eucalyptus Single: Rs 345
Basil Single: Rs 345
Energising Blend - Bitter Orange & Cinnamon: Rs 545

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