Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Your Suggestions are much appreciated.

Hello everyone,
hows your new year been till now ? i generally don't believe in making resolutions every year , but this time i did promise few things to myself that i have to achieve this year.
Out of all the resolutions i made one was paying more attention to my blog. I have been on and off from a long time and i feel terrible and i know i am wasting a big opportunity as i have the best and most motivating followers who have always stood by me and never un-followed my blog because of the on and off thing.

So as a part of my new year resolution i wanted little help from all my readers, i want your feedback and suggestions on what you want to see my on my blog and how i can improve the quality of my blog (and gain more followers).

Please leave your comments below , as it would mean a lot to me.



  1. Deeptima, I absolutely love your blog.....Can you do a post on tackling a bad hair day???

  2. I like ur lipstick shades.Can u do reviews of ur fav lipsticks?? Ill help me a lot :) and I lov ur blog and u luk very pretty :)

  3. Hey Deeptima...love your work :)).. Could you tell me how to get sparkly eyes???Many a times i've seen people with sparkly eyes..waiting for your reply..kisses from http://in2-myworld.blogspot.in/

  4. I love all your eye makeup but the fact is you do awesome face makeup too.. Would love to see the breakdown on how you do your face..:)

  5. I would love to see more hair care posts, please!

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  7. Thank you for you lovely suggestion and requests !! will be working on them asap.

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