Friday, March 15, 2013

EcoTools Bamboo 5 Piece Brush Set - Review

Bamboo 5 Piece Brush Set

Our editor-favorite mineral brush set is perfect for on-the-go!  This set of four brushes is designed to smoothly apply face and eye makeup. Stow your brushes in the hemp and cotton cosmetic case with a natural cork zipper pull. Brushes feature bamboo handles, recycled aluminum ferrules and soft, cruelty-free bristles.
Set Includes:
  • Mineral Powder Brush
  • Concealer Brush
  • Eye Shading Brush
  • Baby Kabuki
  • Hemp & Cotton Zip Cosmetic Case
Price : $9.99

I absolutely heart these brushes because they make me feel loved. I got them from a loving subscriber/reader who's now a very very good friend (not disclosing her name for privacy )

I have been using these brushes from the past 3-4 months and they are still like new.
 This earth-friendly set shows respect for the Planet :
  • Bamboo handle has a low impat on the earths resources as it is from a highly sustainable plant
  • Synthetic Taklon bristles are 100% cruelty free
  • Sleek ferrule is made from recycled aluminum
  • Cosmetic bag is made from natural cotton and hemp.

Buff powder over area that need more coverage
This mini Kabuki brush is the smallest kabuki i have and also the softest. I use to blend my contour and also to apply my blush and highlight. It can be used for any face related task :P

Expertly cut to apply and blend powder eye shadows.
All the brushes are very soft and handy , this brush is good for blending eyeshadows and concealer.

Apply powder or mineral foundation all over face in a circular , buffing motion and work inwards towards nose.
This domed shaped brush is good for applying blush , compact , highlight as well as foundation. I personally use this for blush and contour and also to set my concealer under my eyes. The brush is really soft and tightly packed. The bristles pick up decent amount of product and distributes it evenly on your face without shedding or streaking.

Use with liquid or mineral powder concealer for more coverage on blemishes and under eyes.
Although this is a concealer brush but i use to apply eyeshadow. Generally i just sweep some eyeshadow all over my lids with this brush but you can also build up coverage.
I just feel it works great with creamy products such as eyeshadow primers and cream concealer and foundation.

Eco-friendly pouch has room for all the four brushes, your brushes won't have to fight for space anymore.

 In Short :

I love these brushes , these are really soft and handy. The travel size makes is really convenient to carry them on trips and vacations. You can simply throw this pouch in your purse or bag without worrying about the bristles getting damaged. Even after few washes they don't feel harsh nor do they shed hair or bleed (unlike my sigma duo fiber brush).
Easy to wash easy to store and very affordable .

Honestly , i have nothing bad to say about these brushes !!

Hope my review helped you in deciding which brush set to buy next. ;)


  1. love the header image, your love & the signature....sorry I got caught with these beauties. Nice review :)

  2. thank you so much.... i was planning to change it .. may be i'll keep it for some more time <3

  3. Love the pouch and just how pretty the brushes look :)

  4. I got a Ecotools eye brushes set. That one is also amazing :) Super soft and easy to use

  5. Dear, have you bought them from the website?

  6. Nice review,

    Where did you buy these from?

  7. Nice review.

    Where did you buy these from?


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