Sunday, March 17, 2013

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains Swatches (India)

Revlon Just Bitten Balm are selling like hot cakes , tones of reviews , swatches and raves all over the internet. I remember i first saw these on itsJudyTime's YouTube channel and ever since i wanted to lay my hands on these but for some reason or the other i couldn't pay a visit to the malls :(

But , finally today we got time to check out these and other new products, am so happy today.
I usually skip Malls on weekends (unless for movies) as they are super duper crowded, so we  first went to Foodhall and i bought some really cute and silly stuff from there, hopefully you'll see some cooking videos/posts soon.

Lets get back on track, NewU was as usual full of ladies i straightaway went to the Revlon counter and i could see just 5 shades... JUST 5 !!

I asked the SA guy about the other 5 shades and he told me they were all SOLD OUT !! (but i still swatches them for you ^_^ )

So first, lets take a look at the shades that 'were available' (products swatched by the SA so please bear with me)
1-5 : 010 Darling Cherie , 015 Cherish Devotion , 030 Smitten Eprise , 020 Lovesick Passionnee , 005 Crush Beguin

1-5 : 010 Darling Cherie , 015 Cherish Devotion , 030 Smitten Eprise , 020 Lovesick Passionnee , 005 Crush Beguin

1. 010 Darling Cherie  
    This is gorgeous pinkish purple or i can say blue tone pink shade, looks okay in the tube but goes very light on skin, I would suggest this shade to you if you are really pale but if you have pigmented lips then this is not for you.

2. 015 Cherish Devotion 

    This shade looks similar to Darling Cherie but its more pink (cool tone) and pigmented in comparison. The colour is buildable just like other shades.
3. 030 Smitten Eprise

    I have heard this is the top selling shade, and am not surprised. It indeed is a beautiful light megenta / fuschia pink shade for light skin tone and a berry pink for medium to dark complexion.
4. 020 Lovesick Passionnee

    This is cooler version of Smitten (in the picture above its just swiped twice ). All i'll say is its a  bright Fushia shade with slight shimmer. Would look on almost everyone if you love bright lips.   
5. 005 Crush Beguin

   When i think about describing this shade, the only word that i can think about is "red wine". I felt it was too much for my complexion and not a summer shade. It could be worn in winters, and i guess older ladies who love darker colours would love it too. (In short, its mumma's shade)

Phew... its difficult to describe shade and recalling everything after few hour.
Now, the shade that were currently unavailable (some are SOLD OUT online also :( )

L-R : Sweetheart Valentine, Honey Douce , Romantic Romantique  , Adore Adoree , Rendezvous Rendez-vous

L-R : Sweetheart Valentine, Honey Douce , Romantic Romantique  , Adore Adoree , Rendezvous Rendez-vous

6. 025 Sweetheart Valentine
    Okay ,now its getting difficult to describe , you can say this shade is sisters with darling and cherish. Brighter than both but lighter than Smitten.

7. 001 Honey Douce
   Its a light brown peachish shade , many say its their MLBB shade. Its a neutral earthy shade, will suit all skin tones.

8. 045 Romantic Romantique
   Am sorry i am not sure how it will show up on lips, but in the tube it looks more redish but on my arm it looked more rusty and coppery. 
9. 055 Adore Adoree
    According to me its a berry red shade with fine golden shimmer (this is the closest i can describe, as i forgot to take a look at the tube because of the crowd) 

10. 040 Rendezvous Rendez-vous 
    Hey , this one is easy... Its a super pretty summery coral orange shade (hope they stock it back soon)

Yeyy !! finally we covered all the shades, am really thankful to the lady SA who helped me take the pictures and she was really patient and also my sweet bf , i could see he was getting little irritated because i chose the wrong day to take pictures but he kept calm.. hehehe

So, i hope this post turns out helpful for you and in my next post i'll disclose which shade i ended up buying. Any guesses ??  

NOTE : Pictures in this post are taken by galaxy S phone's camera (using my camera was not possible), pictures are not edited to stay close to the real colours. Shades may look different on different complexions. I am between NW20 to NC25 in MAC )


  1. hehehe even I saw it first on judy's first impression! and i wanted since then..
    finally last week i got smitten!
    waiting to know which colors u got..

    1. hahaha... i love her first impression vids !! wait for my next post !!

  2. I guess you might have got Smitten or Lovesick..hehe please do share which u got

    1. you are pretty close :P ... you know my shades.. will try it out tomorrow and will post the pic at the end of the day <3


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