Saturday, March 23, 2013

We all have SECRETS... i'll reveal mine...

Before your mind starts wondering in all different directions i'll make it easy for you.. Am talking about my hair... or you can say its

My Hair Story...

Am sure we all have a similar childhood "hair" story. Being pampered by mum , getting hair oiled , washed , combed and those two cute ponytail or braids... oh not to forget that silly ribbon that we used to hate.

I was a bit tomboyish, loved sports participated in all extra curricular activities. I started growing my hair when i joined classical dance lessons. In my schooling days the rules were really strict and its was mandatory to have your hair in two braided ponytails.

Mostly people thank their Mum for their beautiful tresses but i would give major credit to my Dad... yes my Dad he always took me for haircut (yes guys saloon) he used to comb my hair when i had really short hair ( ok, really short = BOY cut ) and he was really strict on oiling. Not mainly because of the benefits , but because he always wanted us to look presentable and well groomed.

As a child i always had short hair and there was no escape from oil, but soon i realized that it was all for good.

I never realized the worth of my healthy thick black hair. But because of  Dad's job we had to change States , different water , different climatic condition , record breaking winters , scorching hot summer and my poor hair had to pay the price.

Things got worse after i got acquainted with this beauty (blogging) world. I started experimentation with my hair hot tools , new product , coloring, bleaching and everything bad that you can do to your hair.

Temporary results were great but eventually it became a matter of worry, my hair texture changed, i started losing hair and worst of all i had severe split end. Until now the only solution i had for split ends was trimming my ends, but to my disappointment this was also not the best solution as it was difficult to trim off all the split ends from my layered hair and i was trying to grow my hair.

But now i have found the SECRET for growing beautiful , soft hair. Now no more going back to scissor for getting rid of split ends or hiding your ends underneath a pretty bun.

So , the secret is hidden in my mysterious treasure box but it will no longer be a secret anymore. Are you ready to see whats inside ??

Its DOVE Split End Rescue System, honestly when i heard about the product i thought its just another Shampoo and Conditioner and i wasn't really expecting noticeable results after the first wash but this product did surprise me
My hair feels super soft and manageable and i can no long see my split ends. Now i am more confident in flaunting my new split-end free tresses.

 Now that the Secret is out, i would recommend you to try Dove Split end rescue system and notice the difference by yourself.

Thanks to Dove i again have beautiful ends to my beautiful braids.
(detailed review coming soon)

This post is a contest entry for Dove Split End Rescue System contest organized by

Note : This is not a sponsored post , products purchased by my own money. Honest opinion.


  1. hi....loved your kiddie photos...that smile is still the same & your mirror supa gorgeous!! loved your eye make-up & hairstyle in the last pic :)

  2. u know u look like a doll here

  3. You look so damn pretty in that pic!! Lovely

  4. Loved the way you've put across your story.. and in the first pic your lips look so luscious.. ;)

    chotu pics are so cute... especially the second one from the collage.. :* :*

    1. Thank you soo much Dips :p .. tht second pic fromthe collage is my fav too.. was at my grandparents places.. i so miss them :(

  5. Wow :-) really very interesting post :-)

  6. U look gorgeous in dis pic. And hey.. thanx for ur tips. It really works wonders !!

  7. U look gorgeous in dis pic. N hey thanx for d tip. It works wonders!!

  8. U look gorgeous in dis pic. And hey.. thanx for ur tips. It really works wonders !!


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