Saturday, April 27, 2013

Faces Ultime Pro GEL WATERPROOF MASCARA - Review

I mentioned this product in one of my previous posts, and before coming up with the review i decided to give  this product a good try as initially i had mixed feelings about this. I even saw few bloggers praising this product and saying all good things about it but in the eye shots i could clearly see the exact same cons that i was experiencing so i tried my best to figure out if there was something wrong that i was doing or was it just the mascara.

This is product that we are discussing in this post.

Innovation for the outdoor divas! Made with cutting edge tube technology. Smear, smudge and sweat proof. Lasts up to 24 hours. Contains conditioning ingredients that nourish. Gives a stunning lengthening and curling definition, without clumping.

Price :
Rs. 799

Before getting into this review i just wanted to say that mascara preferences differ form person to person and also the qualities that i look for in a mascara might be completely different from yours , so this is just my personal opinion about this product.

 The first thing i noticed about this mascara was that it has a slight smell of fevicol and it also comes off like a fevicol ... remember your school days ? when we used to apply fevicol on our hand and then peel it off.. dunno if it was just me... but this is how most waterproof mascaras are.

The wand, as you can see is thin with really small spikes on it , which are really soft and they reduce the chances of your eyes getting poked. The mascara is jet black and dries super fast. It does lift your lashes making them appear curled and longer.  The product stands for its claims, its waterproof ,  smudge proof and long lasting

Cons The only problem i faced was the sticky consistency which results in clumping and also it makes my lashes stick to each other. I like mascaras which provides volume by separating my lashes and this works totally opposite.

I figured out the best way to apply this mascara is by removing the excess product on the wand and applying just one coat. If you apply the second coat the sticky formula will stick on your previous coat making your lashes appear unnatural, thick (not in a good way) and clumpy.

Here is how it look (sorry for the weird angle)

Clumpy lashes

In the above picture you can see how my lashes got stuck to each other leaving gaps in between.

To summarize, you need to be very careful while applying this mascara. If you manage to apply it nicely it will make your lashes long and curly or else you'll end up with clumpy lashes. For the price i expected more out of this mascara.

Rating : 3/5
+ 1 for being waterproof
+ 1 for being smudge proof
+ 1 for being long lasting

So, this my take on this product and i hope it was useful.

PR sample , honest unbiased review.


  1. nice review! I wont be buying this! not for 800 bucks!

  2. Nice review.. I would still prefer Maybelline over this.. :)

    Hina xx

  3. For 800 bucks why wud someone buy that :/ . .

  4. Not sure if I would ever buy this, but nonetheless, nice review!

    I still love my Oriflame mascara and cant live without it!


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