Saturday, April 6, 2013

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain Cherish - Review and Swatches

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains are a big hit in Indian market too, most shades go out of stock soon after being stocked back. Out of all the shades that were available in India (Click HERE to see all the swatches) i liked Cherish the most as a everyday day time lip colour.

I have being wearing this shades almost every single day and it goes well with almost anything. Cherish is a cool tone pink shades and the blue undertone is pretty much visible if you apply it with a heavy hand. Before going into details lets have a look at the swatches.

(Note : I used a grey background to get closest to the actual colour )

These are priced at Rs.600

As i said earlier Cherish is a light shade, the bullet looks slightly plumish pink in the tube but but if applied with a light hand looks like a pink tinted lipbalm. Obviously you can build up the colour. I noticed that on days when my lips look paler Cherish looks more pinkish whereas on days when my lips look healthier and pink the blue tone shows up more.
Personally i feel that on me Cherish looks best after few hours of application when the glossiness has fades a bit. If you are looking for a darker and more pigmented pink lip stain then you should skip Cherish and go in for either Sweetheart , Smitten or Lovesick.

Pictures taken in natural light at different time of day, hence my skin tone looks different.

Cherish (cant say about other shades) is not nourishing but it is glossy, if you have dry lips make sure to scrub and moisturizer. But the good part is you can re-apply your lip balm or gloss on your stained lips without worrying about losing the colour.
Few people don't like the minty fragrance but honestly after using it for few times i stopped noticing it and the  minty feeling doesn't stay on your lips for more than few minutes.

One thing that i wanted to bring in notice was if you apply Revlon Just Bitten on top of a lip balm make sure to wipe or blot your lips before application as it can give you an uneven stain. In my case the outer part of my lips got stained whereas the inner part remained pale and un-stained, something you definitely don't want.

Overall, i am pretty happy with my purchase as i am a pink and nude lipstick lover. Cherish is not a good stainer but not bad either. You can definitely see a slight pink stain on your lips even after 6 -7 hours of application (no matter you eat, drink, kiss ;) ).
Rating : 4/5

I hope my review and swatches were helpful, do let me know if you have any requests.


  1. Looks awesome on your lips, Deeptima! Honey from this range is a great neutral for me and yeah, the minty smell isn't my favorite..wish they added a more interesting flavor! :)

    1. Thanks Appu <3 , i guess some fruity flavor would have been great !

  2. Cherish looks fab on u ! My favs r sweetheart and honey :)

    1. thanks Bhumika, everyone is talking about honey i should get one..

  3. it seriously looks awesome on u

  4. osm stain and piccys are just great :)

    1. Thank you so much Gowthami <3 (nice name)

  5. All colors look good on u! :)

  6. Beautiful color, looks lovely on you! <3


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