Sunday, May 12, 2013

How to pick the correct coloured concealer/corrector - Colour wheel theory

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With tons of different brands and types of concealers in the market its hard to find out the perfect one for our needs and requirements. There are already many videos and articles online on colored concealer but not all serve the purpose, so i decided to break down the topic and jot down some points to make it easier for my reader to select their desired concealer.

Here is a Colour Wheel to help you understand better:

Again the product that works for your friend may not work for you despite you both are of the same complexion. Here the role of undertones takes over, in a nutshell you can either have "cool" or "warm" undertone , but some of us have a neutral undertones, i.e we have both cool and warm undertones.

You also must take care of which tone/shade of coloured concealer would work on you. You need to try out some shades before finding the right match.

Basically, today i'll briefly tell you about the six common coloured concealers.


This coloured concealer is good to hide dark blue under-eye area, as you can see in the colour wheel that  orange is just opposite to blue, it will counteract the Blue undertones and will reduce the appearance of dark under eye area.


Yellow concealer is mostly used on warmer skin tones , because yellow when mixed with Blue (cool) will look greenish and will defeat the purpose of the concealer. It works great on people with purplish under-eye circles and also counteracts pink and redish undertones. Great to hide acne , scars and rosacea.


This concealer can be little tricky to use , but once you understand the undertone of your skin and requirements pink concealer can be your best friend to hide signs of fatigue.Pink concealer brightens up the area where its applied, pink concealer or concealer with pink undertone are good to hide green veins but if applied on wrong skintone can accentuate your dark circles by highlighting them. You can use pink concealer on the highest areas of your face and also on you corners of the eyes to look awake and fresh. People with dark complexion how have grey undertones under their eye can also use Pink concealer.


If you have yellow discoloration on your face and you have olive undertones, this concealer is just for you.(refer colour wheel)


By now, you must have observed that green is opposite to red in the colour wheel , so it will hide the redness and active acne or other skin allergies.


Had a bad tan disaster ?? Blue concealer will be your BFF, it  will cover up the orange tones in the skin by neutralizing your skin tone. Blue concealer can aslo be used by people with dark complexion for hiding under-eye circles.

So, these are the basic colour concealers, again i wish to repeat not all shades work the same , you have to try few out to see which shade goes well with your skintone. If you have a bad memory like me just download the colour wheel and you'll able to find the correct colour to counteract your problem areas.

I hope this solved you problem , do leave in your comments and let us know which concealer you use.


  1. Lovely post Deeptima. very informative.:) Need to try the green concealer now. Have a lot of redness around my nose all the time.


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