Monday, May 27, 2013

Lotus Herbals’ New ColourDEW™ Nail Enamel - Go Grapes , Choco Fudge and Lavender Love

                  The Product
This season paint your nails with 5 new trendy ColourDEW™ shades.  Apply these vibrant Greens, oranges , pinks and enjoy the summers like never before.

Product Qualities
üNatural and safe
üAcetone, DBP and toluene free.
üFast drying.
üFlat and sturdy brush.
üSmooth application.

MRP : Rs.110
Quantity: 8ml

ColourDEW™ is free from

DBP – Di-butyl phthalate
A skin irritant and may cause liver damage.
May cause spontaneous abortion in woman.
Narcotic in high concentration.
Attack the nervous system, eyes, blood, liver, kidney and skin.

Disturbs woman’s ability to reproduce & its linked to birth defects.
Makes cuticles dry and dull
Makes nails Brittle.

Out of the 5 shades i received 3 gorgeous shades,

Swatches and review coming up soon....

Which shade you liked the most ??

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