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My Couple Spa experience - The Four Fountains Spa Delhi + Vlog

This year had been a bundle of unexpected surprises, I wish I could share my happiness right away but I think this is not the right time and I should wait for a little longer(may be for a couple of months, we all have those nosey relatives who secretly read your FB status and blog*)

Another exciting event was my very first visit to The Four Fountains Spa, by now you must have seen tons of reviews on your favorite blogs. Somehow my visit kept delaying due to some reason or the other but finally we made it,

Last week Sumit and I had an appointment at The Four Fountains Spa (South Extension, Delhi). Sometime back on my FB and twitter I had been complaining about Anxiety , Lack of sleep and Depression(this made me irregular on blog and youtube) also Sumit’s tight and strenuous  schedule keeps him on his toes, so we both were really looking forward to this experience.

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Before getting into details you must that The Four Fountains Spa is India’s largest chain of affordable days spa. You can visit the spa in Mumbai , Delhi ,Gurgaon , Bangalore , Kolkata ,Pune, Goa and Aurangabad.
What attracted me the most was their flexible membership policies , and their weekdays Discounts. They offer therapies as per your requirements ie,

  • De-stressing
  • De-toxfication 
  •  Immunity
  • Beauty
  • Holistic packages
  • Bride & Groom packages
  • Add-ons are also available
  • Lifestyle packages
The Spa in on the 2nd floor but the moment we stepped in the building we could smell the aromatic spa oils , lavender and minty…
Once we reached there we were offered water and the brochure was handed over to us to select the therapy we would like to opt for, the staff was very warm and welcoming not only to us but I observed them while they were handling other customers, I must add they were patient too.This time of year they offer special Summer Splash Massage, which helps your body cool down and replenish lost moisture.

The wooden interiors were pretty similar to what i saw on other blog reviews(obviously I mean different cities), it was really calm and relaxing with a very soft relaxing music and dim lights.

They briefed us about the therapies and answered to all my queries , what I liked the most was that they gave us time to think and select the therapy and waited till we got comfortable. 

It was a very HOT day and the moment i heard about the Summer Splash massage , I immediately said I’ll go in for this one. The Words  like Cool , Mint , Aloe Vera felt so soothing to ears , hehehe..
Sumit was more keen towards De-stressing  Swedish Massage   but he also went in for the Summer Splash Massage , after all it was a hot day.

We had to wait for like 15-20 minutes, as the therapist were attending other customers and were preparing for our massage, we opted for couple room and our room was named harmony. They had different names for their massage  rooms.

If you are going with your BFF , spouse , Mom , sister I mean if you have a company ask them for couple room , it’s a super idea for spending some quality time while relaxing. I am sure you must be wondering about the privacy , don’t worry they have a partition curtain between the beds(which are decently spaced ), two separate locker/ mini cupboards and two separate washrooms.

The Couple's Room

hanger for the clothes 

On top of which, when the session begins the lights are turned off and there was a dim light, I have no clue of the source it was coming from as it was on the other side of the curtain (his side :P). So, there was nothing to worry.


I will keep try to keep it short , because its something you must experience.. right?
Once we changed into the disposable UG’s , we rang the bell to call our massage therapists, the session began with wiping your foot with warm wet towel. For the massage they used Aloe-vera , mint and lime. I noticed when my massage therapist was changing her position she kept in contact with my body all the time , I got curious and asked her about it , to which she said “ this is to make our customer feel comfortable and they don’t feel left out or alone “ , that’s really sweet .Also the part that was being massaged was kept open and rest of your body was covered with a disposable sheet of fabric.

The male therapist according to Sumit , was enchanting something before beginning the massage  on different parts. I guess Sumit even fell asleep :P , pressing and massaging the wrong pressure points can lead to body ache, cramps and even paralysis. So its really important to choose your spa wisely. I am really glad to say that both our Massage therapists were well trained and were very gentle throughout the session.
My therapist even asked my quite a couple of times if the pressure was okay, she was very polite and had a constant smile on her face.

After the session we had to fill in a feedback form and we were offered lemonade, oh how can i forget we also got a sample of the De-stressing cooling balm and a guide for stressfree living

To summarize, I had an amazing time at the spa , am not being paid to say that :P , after the spa the aloe , mint and lime really kept us cool , we both are really sensitive to heat  and we sweat even at little rise of temperature, even in our spa room I was sweating initially, as the upper part of massage bed and head rest was covered with faux leather or rubber(am not sure) which made me feel little hot but then they switched on the AC so I have nothing to complain about.

  • Later that day the aloe , mint and lime had their effects on , and it seriously kept the coolness and fresh feeling locked in, he noticed that his skin felt smooth and hydrated but other than the cold and fresh feeling my dry skin didn't feel anything.

I can assure you that all the reviews that you see online are 100% true , as now I have experienced the same.

  • The massage bed , towel and washroom were nice and clean , I am very particular when it comes to towels and washroom but I felt comfortable there.
I also checked their Bride and Groom packages, it can be a perfect gift if your friend is about to tie knots or you can give yourself and your better half a treat too.

  • Its really affordable and the services are great, Rs 4398(without discount) for a couple is a great deal.
I can surely see myself visiting The Four Fountain Spa real soon.

Membership Plan :

Make sure to check their membership plans for discounts and other offers. The best part, if you are planning to go on a long vacation abroad , you can void your membership for that period and once you are back membership for that period will be reassigned to you.

I do have a vlog of the very same day , as promised .. Click HERE 

For more information and to book you appointment online Click HERE.

We received complimentary services for review purpose.

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