Thursday, May 9, 2013

Opppss !! I did it again... and this time on YouTube

Wondering whats up with the title...
Honestly it as nothing to do with this post, am sure most of you must be aware of Facebook's confession page, where beauty blogger as well as their friends are affronted by anonymous "Hater" (sorry i had to use this term) yesterday someone took a hit on me but it was rather funny.

The confessor had a problem with me for posting pictures with my boyfriend .. WTH ?? Seriously ?? 

I never knew that if i minded my own business people would have a problem with that too... Gawd.. how can i please you ladies ?

Anyways , this post is actually about the Vlog video that i was talking in my previous post and on my Facebook.

The Video took forever to upload and the post was already scheduled. So , here is the video (Flaunting my BF again.. lol )


  1. Hey just ignore them..its yr life and yr blog. You do whatever you want. If anyone has a problem they should stop visiting. Simple

  2. Dont see the video though :(

    1. ya.. u r right... they don't like but still visit.. mentioning such a things is cheap and funny :P
      btw.. can u see the vid nw ??

  3. You shouldnt care watching ur vids..keep posting..

  4. loved the video.. its seems too real:):) u both make a good pair:)

  5. i second Dolon.. its your whatever you want , whatever makes you happy. you can;t ever pls everybody. i have even been criticized for a "single" spelling mistake , in a" single" post (and one more) <3
    PS- i keep on forgetting.. but I love this banner much more than the prev one :)

  6. Loved the Video. I stopped visiting that page altogether.. Too much of hatred and negativity.

    Hina xx

  7. Ohhh some people are born to hate, Ufff dont they have some other thing to do? Anyways although i cant see the video as youtube is blocked in my country but all that i can say is dunt take them seriously just chill dear :)

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