Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Recent Inglot Haul !

I own a decent number of Inglot eyeshadow refills but i never bought the refill palette as i found it little expensive in front of my DIY eyeshadow refill storage (i'll post about it if you wanna know). But , finally i decided to buy because of two good reason...

30% off discount on Mother's Day sale and i din't wanna store my cream products with my eyeshadow.

My mum doesn't wear makeup at all.. so i gave myself as treat.. hehehe..

I swatched it at the store and i just fell in love with the colour , a must have for spring and summers.

I picked this eyeshadow as i was looking for something close to a rose gold eyeshadow, it look really pretty on the lids.

Inglot LW 200 concealer : For Highlighting
Inglot LW 700 concealer : Good yellow tone concealer for my undereye area (exchanged it for LW400)
Inglot DW 100 concealer : For Contouring
Inglot Brow Wax 571 (exchanged it for 574)

I was very happy with my purchase but yesterday while taking pictures i realized that two products which were sold to me were already expired. But they apologized and right away gave me the fresh refill.
Sadly i had to pick other shades as the initial shades i picked were out of stock, but its a happy ending.

Hope you liked my mini haul !!


  1. Nice haul..... looking forwar to swatches and looks

  2. Yess..loved it..love the rose gold one esp :)

  3. Nice haul... The palette looks so pretty even i want to buy one.. :)

  4. Hey I was ordering if you could show the DIY palette? It would be great for people like me who can't really afford to buy it..


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