Thursday, May 23, 2013

Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede Lipstick SOCIALITE - Review and Pictures

Product Description

Is your lipstick giving you both moisture and wear? This velvety soft formula with moisturizing shea butter and aloe is food proof and doesn't quit. 20 Shades. Apply once and go.

  • Instant Moisture
  • All-day Color
  • Shea butter , Aloe
  • Soft Suede finish
  • Available in 20 shades

My little story behind getting this lipstick
I actually went to buy Revlon Just Bitten Stain but the SA told me about this ultimate suede lipstick and that it was launched just few days back. I though i'll check review first but the lady seriously had good marketing skills, she swatched some lovely shades on my hand and the lipstick felt like butter, so smooth and silky.. she went on praising the lipstick and she was wearing it on too. She used words like stain , velvety . long lasting , moisturizing... and 5 minutes later i was at the counter with this lipstick i my hand.

The shade i got is Socialite, it looks dark and mauve-ish in the tude but in lips or hand it looks like pink-ish , peach-ish, i really had a hard time to put down this shade in words. Take a look

About the shade :

This lipstick has pink (fuschia) pigments in it , which gives it different tone/shade in different light and angle.
This shade was really difficult to capture in pictures and in words, but i can describe this lipstick has a combination of Mauve and some bright pink pigment. Pink is not overpowering as the mauve tones balances it out making it look like a warm pink lipstick.

I feel this shade will complement Indian skin tones really well.

Swatches :

Now, you can understand what i was trying to say above, also notice that the single swipe swatch dried up to matte finish while the other swatch still looks glossy.

After few hours...

Check the deposit on the inner part of my lips :(

My verdict :

I love the packaging and shade of this lipstick, it glides smoothly on my lips may be because of Shea Butter and Aloe, it smells good too.All the company's claims are true but to some extent.

Claim #1 Instant Moisture

It is moisturizing, but if your lips are already dry or chapped the lipstick won't work all alone. On dry lips it can look grainy and uneven, accentuating dryness and rough skin. Other than that it doesn't dry out your lips even after setting.

Claim#2 All-day Color

Seriously this lipstick stays entire day on your lips without transferring on your coffee mug or anything that comes near your lips :)
According to me the pink pigment that i noticed helps the lipstick to set fast and provides longer staying power.
( the next day i had a slight stain on my arm where i swatches it , even after shower)

Claim#3 Shea butter , Aloe

I feel its the Shea Butter that makes this lipstick smooth and glossy.

Claim#4 Soft Suede finish

I do agree about the finish but the soft suede feeling or say finish doesn't stay for long, once the lipstick dries my lips feel little sticky. I like wearing lipsticks which doesn't remind me that i have something on my lips. Am not sure how suede would feel on my lips but definitely not like sticker.

Once the lipstick is dry and matte it feels like you have lip tattoo on (if you have ever tried it) This might be something very uncomfortable for some but you can reapply a lipbalm or even gloss and problem would be solved.

RATING : 3.75 / 5 

PRICE : Rs 650 

I still like this product and am looking forward to try more shades but the price tag and sticky feeling is holding me back. sigh !! 
would suggest this shade to you if you want a warm pink or mauve pink lipstick with good staying power.
See you soon with my next post..


  1. It looks so good on you. Loved it, definitely checking it out :-) pretty lips Deeptima :-)

  2. This shade looks soo fab on u..I am yet to try it out..heard its very drying..lets see..

    1. i was really disappointed when i saw reviews abt it.. but after trying it out i found it more sticky than drying as you can apply lipbalm or gloss on top.
      you should try atleast one..

  3. Replies
    1. it is Poorva ... would suit most skin tones :)

  4. I'd like to try this's a beautiful nude.


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