Thursday, June 13, 2013

Draw my Life - Deeptima (UPDATED)

I am little nervous but happy at the same time, i took fo
Happiness and sorrow are both temporary , cherish the fortunate moments you experience and same goes for the hard times, just hold on and don't let trust and hope die.
rever to record , edit and put together this video , i basically opened up my whole life out in public hoping that someone would be able to relate to it and show that we all have ups and downs in our life, and everything happens for a reason.

Here is my video..


  1. Awesome video, Deeptima. It is true that things happen for a reason and everything that happens, happens for good and teaches us something or the other. See how fate brought back your II std friend into your life again.

    In my case, my husband and I were classmates from 8th std. We lost touch after our 12th std. But suddenly 4 years later we met and now we have been married for 8 years :) Truth is stranger than fiction!!!

    1. aww.. tht's so swt !! thanks for stopping by.. <3

    2. HI Deeptima,How r u doing? Really loved watching your video the way you have expressed yourself touched me. Its really true that we get go through different phases of life which makes us to think a lot about the things and the people around us, whom to rely upon.. u know the more hurdles we go thr in our livs it makes us to prepare maentally strong and push us forward to go ahead with this life.. Its true that people takes us for granted for various reasons v difficult to find a honest and genuine people these days.. Feels happy that i met you. Take care

  2. Watching your video after long time n couldn'stop myself from commenting

    Wish u good luck dear ... stay happy n blessed and above all honest .. nobody can stop u if u r grounded n take things positively
    Love n luck


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