Thursday, June 13, 2013

My Birthday Face and some Pictures

Its so true , time waits for no one.. ever since January i was excited for my birthday, and today it already been 4 days past the day.
This d'day had been the most unplanned and most unexpected, in short it was really special and crazy.

I strongly believe that happiness increases when you share it so, am doing the same :P

My birthday began in confusion and irritation, for the first time Sumit decided to show up at mid night and my Mom and Sister were involved in the plan , i was getting irritated as i saw the cake in the fridge and i was wondering why aren't they talking it out... LOL
Confusion.. Sumit got stuck in the traffic and came half n hour late.. my sister called him but i guess he din't hear so they were not sure if hez coming or not and i was still waiting for the cake :P

There was no more irritation or confusion after i saw him standing behind me... MY BEST BIRTHDAY start ever..
Blueberry cake (ph pic)
(will post a clear picture later... phone pic taken the same night)
I got a huge teddy from him... yeyyy !!
Some people think am crazy because i still love teddy bears , but i think age has nothing to do with soft toys...
Early morning i woke up to this beautiful bouquet from my Sister <3 p="">

For the lunch i had three dresses , i polka dot summer dress , a maxi dress but i ended up wearing Indian attire , for some reason i always like to go Indian on special occasion.
Kept my makeup minimum and my hair naturally down, with a pair of Indian Jhumka's (LOVE)

Everything was so prompt that i din't get time to click proper pictures of myself for this post, sadly on 9th June it was Sunday and we all know how crowded everyplace are on weekends.. the only place we found less crowded was The Beer Cafe .. and this being my 25th.. ek drink to banti hai...

But seriously, it turned out to be the best decision... people weren't loud and no kid crying in the background. hehehe..
here are some pics... btw... we also had Maggie on my b'day.. lol... they  charge freaking Rs 95 or a Rs 10 maggie pack... but all worth it :P

Some pictures i clicked... again i forgot to click pictures of everything... :(

peanut masala

The Funny coaster...

After spending some personal time it was family time, we went to his place to celebrate with his family , and i must tell you his mom is a great cook , she made a delicious cake for me (can't share family photos for now) and some spinach pakoda with ginger and lemon drink (checkout febindia).

Now, it was my family time... Mum made her signature Shahi Paneer (will request her to do a vid)and other things for dinner and we also ordered PIZZZAAAA... i love pizza and it loves me back , sigh am gaining weight.. :(

oh.. btw i wanted to tell you guys about this website that i always checkout for coupons whenever i place an online order from Dominos , their coupons have always worked for me.
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Lastly i wanna thank everyone , for their wonderful and warm wishes, i was really overwhelmed to see so many messages and wishes. You all made my day. Thank you !!

Before leaving i have a OBSERVATION TEST for you ... look at the pictures below and tell me if you notice anything strange :P

(will let you all know after 3 days, lets see if you can spot it)

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  1. Happy Belated birthday and what a cute teddy! Sadly I'm not into stuff toys but I like how people grow up and still are into teddy bears. I think that's super cute :D.

    1. thnk you Bharti... you don't need stuff toys... you got such a cute dog.. in my house pets are not allowed so i have to compromise with stuff toys:P (i kn its a lame excuse)

  2. Happy belated birthday :-) pics r awesome:-)

  3. i too love teddy's..and the peanut masala is mouth watering

    1. yeyy !! it actualy tasted pretty good.. i wasn't expecting it :)

  4. i can see budweisser written on the fosters ki bottle. lol

  5. any prizes for guessing correctly :p

  6. hi deeptima u really have good choice of accessories... i must say this....:)


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