Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Contest Alert (4 winners) : Your skin stylist.... Lakmé CC Cream ( CLOSED )

Hellooo my beautiful ladies,
its Tuesday and as i promised in my previous post that i would be sharing a exciting news with you so, here i am..
Before i jump into the details of the contest (as you already know from the title), just take a look at my blog... do you see any new changes ??

I spent my entire night yesterday changing and editing my blog's appearance.. my brain is crashing now... anyways i hope you like the change.

About the contest

I am so excited and grateful to Lakme for providing me this opportunity to host this contest for my reader. This contest is not at all like any other contest, this contest is a two phase contest and it is mandatory for the participants to compete at both the stages.

Lets talk about the prizes first...

STAGE 1 winners would get : Lakme Style Kit ( 4 WINNERS)

STAGE 2 winner would get :  chance to watch Lakme Fashion Week WF 2013 and meet a Lakme stylist and feature in the Lakme studio of Style at Lakme Fashion week Winter Fest 2013

How to Enter, Rules and Deadline for the STAGE 1 contest

What makes us all unique and different from each other is our very own “STYLE”.

Keeping the same in their mind Lakme came up with the new CC cream – you skin stylist, it combines the goodness of your daily skin cream with just the right touch of make-up to give you that perfect look in just a few minutes

Lakme now gives you a chance to share your skin styling secrets (skincare) and win Lakme Style kit with a chance to watch Lakme Fashion Week WF 2013 and meet a Lakme stylist and feature in the Lakme studio of Style at Lakme Fashion week Winter Fest 2013.

  • Just comment below and share the secret for your perfect styled skin.
                      (Participate only if you are comfortable sharing your pictures on my blog)

Now that you know the deal, lemme brief you with the rules and deadline of this contest.


  • You must be a follower of this blog either by GFC , Google+ or Subscriber(FeedBurner), as this contest is only for my readers.
  • Follow Lakme India on twitter.
  • Open only for Indian residents.

The STAGE 1 contest starts today i.e , 23rd July 2013 and will end on 29th July 2013 at 11:59 PM 

Simple !! Right ?? 

This is it for the STAGE 1 contest, comment below with your skin styling secret and also mention your username/email with which you are following my blog.

" The secret to my perfect styled skin is proper sleep and am following your blog via google+ , username : abcd xyz. " 

All the best everyone !!


  1. my skin styling secret is regular Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing for which i am currently using Lakme CC cream. On weekends i like to pamper my face with the New Lakme clean up pores kit.

    For instant brightness, I massage my face with mashed papaya mixed in honey or applying a mask made with the mixture of Fresh Cream and Honey.

    For removing Blackheads, I first wash my face and take steam after which, i scrub my face and use Faces Blackhead remover.

    I tan very little beacause every day before applying moisturizer, i apply Lotus 3 in 1 matte sunscreen SPF 40.

    username: beautiliciousanu.com
    email: eanupamajsr@gmail.com

  2. My Beauty stylist includes loads of products but the best one which I cannot skip in my routine skincare is Lakme perfect radiance capsules which I daily use in at night and it nourishes my skin while I am asleep,and on special events I use as a primer after my CTM beneath my make up which gives me a natural flawless glow and also holds my makeup for the whole day.

    I am totally in Luv with it :* :* :*

    USERNAME: Praks

  3. My Skin secret is lots of rose water, eating healthy and lots of water.

    Following your blog through Prachi Gupta/blushandtheblog@gmail.com

  4. 1. Prime First and use Translucent Smoothing Powder - Use a Primer for a smooth base that will help your makeup last and will hide wrinkles and refine pores. Don't smother your face in foundation to get a uniform skin tone. Just do a light layer, then dust on a translucent powder that hides imperfections with reflective micro-particles.

    2. Healing Concealer - Covering zits with heavy concealer will only make breakouts worse. Look for an oil-free formula with salicylic acid that treats blemishes while hiding them.

    3. Dark-Circle Fix - Dark circles make you look tired and older and nearly everyone gets them. Using an Eye Cream (My favorite is Olay Definity Illuminating Eye Treatment) instantly brightens the under-eye area with mica particles and strengthens the delicate skin with powerful hydrators.

    GFC - Prerna Sinha
    Twitter - @prer14

  5. My Secret for a perfectly styled skin is taking in Aloevera Juice,empty stomach every morning.
    I used to experience frequent breakouts every now and then,earlier but after I have started following this routine my Skin looks really healthy,clean and also soft to touch.Blemishes and Pimple marks faded out.

    Also Clean and Clear Face wash and Moisturizer have been my best friends ever since Teenage along with the good old Lotus Herbals Rosetone.

    I follow you through GFC[manu[ and Subscribed to your updates as well[mishtididi@gmail.com]

  6. My secret for healthy skin is lots and lots of water...plus lota and lots of social work as it always make me smile from inside....

    Google account.. neha.jaswal.89

  7. wow... wish I could enter... but all the best gals!

  8. The secret to my perfect styled skin is religious cleansing-toning-moisturizing routine, weekend clean-ups at home with natural ingredients from my kitchen, eating lots of anti-oxidant rich fresh fruits, 30 minutes detox massage once a month, a warm cup of milk+turmeric every night before going to bed and 7 hours of undisturbed beauty sleep.
    Following GFC with ID: jinalp.20@gmail.com

  9. hello....girl...
    well...this is very cool...and i would really love to share my routine and skin care secrets with all the beautiful ladies...out there...my secrets are also very much interesting....:p
    so here it goes...:

    1. well i drink lots and lots of water and simply love water....i can't live without it....it really helps in washing away all the skin impurities and throw them out...of your body..

    2. next is... every morning i wake up..i wash my face with the dove soap... it is being made of milk (mostly)... and really makes my skin....softer..and very cute...PS: i am very cute...lol...

    3. after that i always use a face cream..any regular cream...and mostly i use the Lakme fruit moisture one...its very nice....

    4. i love to eat fresh fruits...these are very helpful for your skin in every manner.... i have 3-4 fresh fruits daily...i love eating fruits...very much... awesome...

    5. when i am back home... even if i do not have any make up on my face or even if i do... i always use a Lakme absolute bi phased makeup remover... it washes away all the dirt from your skin...

    6. at night also i wash my face before going to bed...with any face wash...mostly from clean and clear... :)

    7. after i apply some vasline..borolene ...or any regular cream on my face...and hands n legs...

    8. i use vasline body lotion as well...that nourishes my skin very well for the entire day....and it goes really very well....<3

    9. the main thing when i wear my make up is... i never touch up again n again..i simply hate it...so i apply the makeup products in such a manner that they stick to their places till night... when i am back home... :)

    10. i always go for face cleanup once in 2-3 months....its necessary i guess....<3

    well... these are some of the important thins i do for my skin care...hope you would enjoy it...and if it would be helpful for any lady... i will be really grateful, happy and honored....

    once again...thanks a lot for this...its a great platform to share your secrets and enjoy...


    1. my gmail account is: kskanikasharma93@gmail.com

      user name: kannucreative

  10. The secret to my perfectly styled skin is water and milk. I make sure to drink atleast 3lts of water everyday without fail which trust me keeps all my breakouts at bay and has given me a glowing complexion. Also i apply raw unboiled milk with a drop or 2 of honey every other day for an even complexion. These are the 2 things that have made my skin so much better and i swear by it

    Following u via GFC :)
    Username: LBee

  11. Heyyyy deeps..

    The secret to my perfectly styled skin is..

    - Cleansing and moisturizing the face regularly. I use Clean and Clear face wash or Artistry essentials cleanser and Aloe vera gel to moisturize my skin.

    - I try and drink minimum of 10-12 glasses of water every day which helps flush out the toxins from my body.

    - High intake of Vitamin C - via fruits and food supplements. Vitamin C helps impart glow to the skin and keeps the skin healthy and supple.

    - I often cleanse my face with rolled oats and use various kitchen ingredients as natural face packs.

    - I never sleep with makeup on and make sure that I cleanse my face before going to bed.

    - Last but not the least I involve myself in things I love to do.. could be as simple as listening to songs, just sipping coffee sitting by the window... that makes me feel happy and good within and it shows up on my face too. :)

    Subscribed via feedburner and following on GFC too :D
    Username: Dipti A.C

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  13. Thankyou so much Deeptima for such an opportunity <3
    I am a guest faculty for subject communication and someone who loves to live beautiful.I have read the rules and stages cautiously and i am comfortable in sharing my pictures on your blog :-)

    I am sharing my secrets and thoughts of perfect styled skin as following :-

    My skin is stylish when it is healthy. Glowing, vibrant, smooth, soft, radiant – These are the traits which will define my stylish skin in a better way.

    Our skin is our largest accessory and to have a beautiful luxury Skin calls for the skin care is one of very important step.A proper Skin regime which includes the following stages -

    Exfoliate – Cleanse- Tone- Moisturize- Protect :)YES!! and Smile ALot :)

    For me while talking about skin is not just my face but the whole body so this is how I keep my whole skin stylish. I wish if you get benefited from these secrets too.

    Face – To Get a makeup routine for face, I prefer quality products and yes .. Lakme is one of them !I follow the healthy routine and always wear off my make and apply a night cream before going to bed.Avoid to touch my face many times as it irritates the skin and harm the cells.

    I would recommend the Lakme Professional Makeup Range.

    I am quite admiring my new skin stylist which is Lakme CC as it is solving my beauty worries and proved to be an instant solution for a stylish skin.

    I tell u a true secret now which is a good facial massage, on a regular interval get yourself treated with a good massage and your skin will love you for it and will show you some glow :)

    Neck and Chest zone- To cure the Sun exposure and environmental effects, I apply the same care and products routine as face to this zone also so that I don’t get discolored and rough skin. For better results,i use baby oils too.

    Hands & Arms-

    I keep my skin stylish that means healthy and supple, by using an exfoliating body wash and body lotion. Believe me it saves me from uneven skin. Moisturizing and protecting the hands with sunscreen is my style mantra when it comes to styling the skin.

    Legs & Feet-

    A pedicure for foot is a must to save them from the effects of foot wears and also to get a perfect skin which is smooth.Regular moisturized skin routine is the key for perfection. I have a foot cream which I love to love my skin.


    I keep my complete skin stylish by taking care of my back and I use a good cleanser and body wash that saves me from acne and other problems. Regular hydration is a must for me.

    So this is about my stylish skin which is a healthy skin and I can flaunt it with confidence.

    I am in love with Lakme CC cream now a days as it is Actually a proven CCC for me (Nana, Not complexion care cream) i tell u my 3C’s of New Skin Stylist with love

    1- Clarity (Keeps Skin clear and blemishes free)

    2- Colour (Keeps skin Even)

    3- Cut (Keeps skin smooth and wrinkle free)

    So Let's have a Stylish skin !!!
    Surbhi Agarwal

    Email - Surabhi.careers@gmail.com
    Subscriber, GFC and Google Plus name- Surbhi Agarwal
    Twitter - @Agarsurabhi

  14. The secret of my healthy and clean skin is consuming lots of water and fruits and the most important thing is that i stay happy bcoz i believe that if u will feel happy and positive from inside that will directly bring the glow on ur face.
    my name is Aman Sandhu and i am following ur bloh through my google.


  15. My secret to my perfect styled skin is
    Loads of green veggies and fruits.
    I can literally live on fruits. I drink loads of milk as well. This gives me non drying skin.
    I drink atleast 8glasses of water which detoxifies my body.
    As for makeup, I keep it minimal.
    I use the BB cream and kajal.

    My Email id: apoorvawrites@gmail.com
    I have joined GFC with id: apoorva getsetblush
    Twitter: Get_SetBlush

  16. 3 tips for instant skin styling
    1) scrub face for the glow
    2) apply light moisturizer followed by foundation, compact,blush and bronzer
    3) apply kohl, mascara, lipstick or lipgloss

    and you are done to rock!
    finally carry a smile for the best sensual look!

  17. The secret of perfectly styled skin is drink lots of water.Water is ultimate food for skin which gives our skin sparkling glow...last bt not least Lakme cc cream and eyeconic kajal which completes my everyday look n keeps me perfectly styled for whole day........
    Following via :Google plus
    Email ID: ank.yera@gmail.com
    user name: ankita yerawar

  18. AhhhaaaAA ... <3 What a Question..!!! That Every Female would like to answer :)
    Stayin' Stylish should be the mantra of life... ISSSSHHHtyle is so very important for me..
    But if IM PRESSED FOR TIME,i wud like to do the following--
    Wear Floral DRess or something In neon..as it is very IN these days :)
    Apply lakme Foundation along with a creame
    Apply lakme Kohl & liner
    liplne my Lips , apply lipstick followed by a lipgloss (as lipgloss z so very important for me)
    cheek shimmer
    wear a b'ful pair of shoes followed by a Bag or clutch..
    & m done...
    Now time to say GooDByEEE :) :) <3

  19. the secret of my perfectly styled skin is applying minimal makeup- just a good facewash, kajal and lip balim , having sleep and I try to drink lots of water and other liquids like coconut water
    my e-mail id is

  20. here are some of my personal beauty rules and secrets of my perfectly styled skin that I live by. I believe that nature gives beauty to everyone, but it is up to us how we take care of it.

    i was always around women who always had it all together and were put together beautifully. I guess it is something that’s part of our culture, women always dress up, have a perfect manicure and pedicure, even if they are going out to the supermarket for food.

    When we look good we feel good and that’s a fact!

    So these are my beauty rules and secrets:

    1. Always have clean brushed hair
    2. Always have a pedicure and a manicure
    3. Take care of your skin
    4. Use coffee as a scrub

    my e-mail id is : a.jamil75@yahoo.com
    username is : dwc

  21. The secret to my perfect styled skin is :

    1. I use Lakme Strawberry Face Wash to clean my face.
    2. Lotus Herbals 60 SPF Sunscreen Lotion to protect my skin from sun rays.
    3. For makeup, I use a compact powder.
    4. Lakme eyeconic kajal to my eyes.
    5. Then I add a waterproof mascara.
    6. A bright lipstick or a tinted lip balm to my lips.
    7. Adequate sleep, having balanced diet, drinking lots of water, doing exercise regularly are some other factors for my perfect styled beautiful skin.
    8. I also take care of my skin regularly to maintain its style and beauty.

    Thanks for the lovely Giveaway.

    Following you via GFC, Google+, Feedburner email.

    GFC Name : Bidisha

    Google+ Name : Bidisha Banerjee

    Email : bidishabanerjee@live.com

  22. The secret to my perfectly styled skin is:

    Drinking loads of water plus healthy diet,but that doesnt always help :P
    So a primer,a little bit of concealer and highlighter to make my skin look fresh and glowy
    Bronzer to contour and chisel my face
    Lastly exercise and proper sleep to maintain all that for radiant beautiful skin :)
    Following you via GFC and Google+ (Shreya Jain)
    email: sjlovesjewelryyoutube@yahoo.in

  23. My instant Skin Stylist tips:

    1) Exfoliate and add moisture; the combination offers immediate plumping that lasts several hours. Even gentle sloughing causes skin to swell slightly, making wrinkles less noticeable. Use a scrub with smooth, spherical beads that polish without causing redness (look for polyethylene at the top of the ingredient list). Follow with a lotion, a peptide that relaxes muscles and temporarily eases pesky lines.
    2) Perk up your tired eyes by making them look more wide open by curling your lashes. Apply the eyelash curler as close to the base of your lashes as possible, squeeze closed to curl and hold for five seconds. If you’re too tired to curl your lashes, apply a curling mascara instead.
    3) Apply a wash of a lavender eye shadow; this pretty shade helps to open up and brighten the eyes. Further emphasize the inner corner of your eyes with an iridescent highlighter to add a glint of shimmer.
    4) Apply a washcloth soaked in cold water to your face for 10 minutes; the cool compress constricts blood vessels.

  24. mostly i get ready in 10-15 min.. very impatient i am! :P and d way i style my skin is by first creating a flawless n yet breathable base using lakme cc cream, the cc cream just few secs to blend in the skin; than concealing the imperfections with lakme absolute concealer.. one thing i never got out is without enhancing my eyes with the absolute mascara as i have tini eyes :D and now comes my love lippies..if i am going for office then my choice is peachy brown like coffee command and if for hot date then obviously hot red lippy like lakme red coat! :) and following ur blog thru google+ as riya ghosh


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