Sunday, July 21, 2013

Dove Hair Therapy Damage Solutions Intense Repair Shampoo and Conditioner - Review

About the product:

 Dove intense repair Shampoo and conditioner are a part of a Dove Damage Solution range. They contain KERATIN ACTIVES, which helps restore proteins at the cellular level. Intense Repair strengthens the hair*. Enjoy free-flowing , lustrous locks. *Based on lab tests.

 My Experience 

 Dove intense repair shampoo is specially formulated for dry and damaged hair to provide nourishment. Dove shampoo and conditioners are very moisturizing , my hair were little damaged and burnt due to styling tools and hair colour when I started using Intense repair . Honestly speaking the shampoo did work superficially made my hair soft and shiny , but somehow failed to fulfil my hair needs.

It did not improve the quality of my hair from within, intense repair targets on stopping hair breakage not hair fall, dint do any good for my split ends, because of the intense moisture and nourishment it made my hair fall flat making them appear thinner.

To conclude I would say this shampoo would work for you if you have really dry and coarse hair, if you have naturally straight and light hair this will make them appear even lighter. I experienced that my hair used to get oily within a day and I had to wash my hair more frequently. I have stopped using intense repair as for now and might again switch back to it in winters
The Shampoo itself is very moisturizing but as i said i cannot use it this time of year.

Texture : 

The Shampoo has some really fine shimmer to it , its neither to watery nor thick.. just fine. Conditioner is just like any other conditioner din't notice anything special but ya it moisturizes well.

Shampoo : Rs. 132 for 180 ml
Conditioner : Rs. 132 for 170 ml

 Have you tried Dove intense repair ?? 

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