Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Lakme CC Cream skin Stylist Winners....

Thank you everyone who participated in my 'skin stylish' contest and shared there skin secrets with all my readers.
All the entries were very informative and useful and i feel everyone equally deserved to win, but rules are rules.. to be fair enough i picked one winner based on my liking and 3 winner via Random.org

So, the winners who made it to round two and who will be getting the Lakme styling kit are...

Winners are... 

  Anupama  eyy
 Jinal  (random)
 Dipi   (random)
Lee B   (random)

Congrats winners , i request you all to send me your addresses at the earliest at deeptima.singh@yahoo.co.in , so that i can forward your details to Lakme and send you all the information related to phase 2 of this contest.

If you din't win this time or were not able to enter on time, please don't lose hope i have 2 more giveaways coming up next week.

Love and hugs !!


  1. For skin it is very essential to use a good cream product. Lakme is the best cream for skin. It is hydrating cream provide moisture to skin and make it soft. Mainly I make use of Revitol skin cream. It is most effective cream for skin.

  2. That's quite an honest announcement..fair game :)

    1. Hi Surbhi congrats, i saw you also won on another contest held by a fellow blogger... :)

    2. Yep..i am excited to create the looks..pls wish me luck!!

  3. Ooooh *happy dance* thankuuuu!

  4. Hey love your blog are you on Facebook too?


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