Friday, July 19, 2013

Vaseline healthy white lightening lotion review

Vaseline healthy white lightening visible fairness lotion  

About the product

 Vaseline’s newest lotion that claims to give you instant fairer skin that keeps getting fairer. It has Skin illuminating Minerals , Yoghurt Serum, triple sunscreen and Vitamin B3.

My Experience

I can’t even remember since when my family have been using Vaseline body lotions, and its really good to see how they are improving and changing with the market trends and customers needs. I was really excited to try this new healthy white body lotions but I really feel sad how all companies target on getting fairer skin and many customers fall for this.
Coming back to the product, it is a pale pink lotion(which I love) which smells really great. The lotions is not very thick or watery but is very moisturizing and seeps into the skin making it soft and smooth. This lotion is perfect for summers and monsoon as its non-sticky and has triple sunscreen protection, helps fighting tan and I did notice my skin looked much better / healthier on the area I applied it, not saying that it made my skin look fairer and I haven’t seen my skin getting any lighter .

Overall, i like this lotion and i have been using it almost every single day.

Price Rs. 75 for 100 ml


  1. I love vaseline products!!! Huv are you?? Good review dearie....I m missing your Eye Shadow tutorials these days!!!

  2. i lUv VAseLInE proDuCtS __ :-)


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