Tuesday, August 13, 2013

30 Day Eye-Makeup challenge ~ Day 13 Ombre blue liner

I am feeling like a kid with these emoticons on my blog.. am soo happy !! :O
It took me almost an hour to get these emoticons working, and after that i dozed off forgetting to post a look... and within half an hour i woke up with puffy eyes and face.. :c
I decided to try out a new eyeliner from MUA so kept the lids simple and added three different tones of blue on the lower lashline , without the eye contouring i was looking like a Korean girl.. lol (i smell a new video :brow)

Here is the look...

All the picture were taken after coming back home and my liner was chipping and i could literally peel it off, so i re-did my liner and you can see some kohl has faded from the lower lashline.. :(


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