Saturday, August 10, 2013

30 Days Eye-Makeup Challenge ~ Day 10 Sea Green Eyes

As promised in one of my previous post that i'll be doing a more colourful, bright look here i am with a new look completing my 10 days of this nerve racking challenge , its fun and exciting but is really also tiring.

I knew that doing eye-makeup for continuous 30 days wouldn't be good for my eyes and the skin around it, so i took great care while removing my makeup and applying a good gel or cream around my eyes to prevent any sort of irritation or discomfort. Yesterday , i got another email from my reader encouraging me for not giving up on this challenge and she also was concerned about my eyes.. i found it really sweet of her.
Seriously , i am so blessed to be surrounded with so many supportive and positive people, reading your comments and messages really makes my day. Thank you so much.

As soon as i am done with my planned and scheduled videos i'll do a video on how i remove my eyemakeup and the products i use.

Today's look is really bright not everyone can wear it outside (specially in India) but you can tone it down as per your comfort , as far as i am concerned i love these shades and i won't mind flaunting this bold look.

Products Used : 

Maybelline Color Tattoo - 50 Edgy Emerald
MUA eyeshadow - Shade 8 Pearl
Black and Brown eyeshdow from NYX runway collection palette - Champagne and Caviar
Lakme Insta liner
Niju Doll eyes curling mascara
Garnier tinted roll on
Oriflame Studio artist Pressed Powder

What do you think of this look ?
Which colors would you like to see next ?

see you guys in the next post !! cya..


  1. woot woot!!!! I loved loved loved this... awesome... I am so happy you have taken this challenge and are doing absolutely marvellous... <3

    1. hehehe... thank u so much hun... just thinking wht to do tomorrow :P

  2. Awesome! Perfect Blending! Tutorial please!

  3. wow,its so beautiful.i adore ur eye looks,loved the eid look ,it was a piece of art.
    i do a lot of eye make up looks esp smokey eyes but my make up dsnt show that much cz f hooded lids :(

    1. thnx Zooni.. i saw ur pics..u r amazing at eye makeup...

  4. wow, so beautiful! Amazingly beautiful deeptima :D

  5. look blue to me. but nice tone and beautiful eyes! <3

  6. This one is truely amazing loved what you have done in the crease.. beautiful it is..:)

  7. absolutely speachless...! this look is simply awesome.. :)

  8. YOur looks are magical..all of them...How do you manage babes...looking pretty all he time is sure one hell of a task but it looks effortless when done by you, neat, pretty,creative and completely flawless.. <3 <3


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