Sunday, August 11, 2013

30 Days Eye-Makeup Challenge ~ Day 11 Khaki-ish Eyeshadow

When i was in school i used to hate Sunday nights, unless there was something special at School on the following day. Am sure a lot of you must be having the same feeling, setting up your alarm to get up early for school, college and work doesn't really feel good... as soon as the week starts we look forward to the weekends, in my case its reverse, i like weekdays as they are more productive for me and on weekends i am the busiest but i do enjoy the time i get with my loved ones.

So, today was another busy Sunday for me... hence the late post :P , i wore greenish grey eyeshadow on my lids with little brown in the crease with black liner.. very very simple and quick look...

Comment below and let me know if you guys noticed that i forgot to wear mascara today...oh god !! i felt naked with mascara !! lol

See you soon...


  1. Just gorgeous Deeps.. No the masarais easily excused..I wouldn't have noticed unless u mentioned in there.. :)

    1. hehehe.. thnks hun.. but honestly this is my least fav look :(


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