Thursday, August 15, 2013

30 Days Eye-Makeup Challenge ~ Day 14 Metallic Smokey look

This is my day 14th look , a metallic smokey eye, sorry for the delay in posting came home late and my net was acting up :(
While doing this look i realised that i need to good black eyeshadow, like really intense black.. what would you recommend ??

I hope you like this look..

Leave your comments if you like this look and if you need a tutorial in this..

See you all tomorrow... don't forget to follow my blog to stay updated with my new posts.

Mwaahh !!


  1. OOOO.....This is my fav :) loved it

  2. wow wow wow!!! Deeps too good.. and I need an intense matte black eye shadow too.. I was planning to buy Inglot 63.. have you checked that?

  3. Sooooooo beautiful eyes you have!

  4. woowww... <3 loved the look.. perfect for every evening party...! thanks:)

  5. you knw wat do tutorial for all the 30 looks :) all are sooo good.....


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