Thursday, August 15, 2013

30 Days Eye-Makeup Challenge ~ Day 15 Indian Flag inspired look

Hi everyone ,
i hope you all enjoyed your holiday, like every year i woke up to patriotic songs which were being played in my colony... i stood in my balcony watching cute kids singing and performing small acts.. i was feeling lazy to change and go downstairs and moreover i got a better view from top. :P

So, i was very obvious that today's theme for the challenge would be an inspiration from our flag.
This is my way to show love to my country, on normal day i do get irritated and angry seeing the corruption and crime... we all do.. but somewhere deep inside we all love our country despite all odds..

Here is my day 15 look...

Happy Independence Day everyone !!

Hope you all liked this look :)


  1. Deeps good work.. :tup :tup I love your precision...

    and yea talking about cute kids singing songs on the Independence Day in the colony... sheer nostalgia... I used to be a part of singing patriotic songs after flag hoisting in my colony too.. I wanna go back and see my colony... I was born there and lived there for the next 18 years.. Can't resist going there atleast once a year.. I so so so miss that place... so many memories... feels so good to even talk abt it.. :) :)

    1. Thanks Dips..
      i never participated in these functions but ya always admired the kits :P

    2. oh god !! i mean Kids... (can't stop thinking abt the lakme kits :P )

  2. lakme kits hahahahhahaa... :P :P

  3. LOved the precision and the shadess.. beautiful EOTD :) :)

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  5. Your Eye make up is just mind blowing Deeptima :tup <3


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