Tuesday, August 20, 2013

30 Days Eye-Makeup Challenge ~ Day 19 Pink and Teal look (Rakhi Special)

Hi everyone,
i almost skipped a day.. :( I had an extremely busy day, tomorrow it Rakhi (the day has already started) had to finish up all the last minute shopping and it was his dad's b'day... i baked some muffins spent some amazing time with his family and came home tired and exhausted... ohh and i also applied mehndi on my sister's palm.. check my instagram (deeptima) will post pics there...

I had a feeling that something is missing, like i needed to do something but still i got comfortable in my bed and was about to sleep but my AMAZING  cousin sister [ :angel ] called and during our conversation she asked about my today's look...
LOOK !! Sh*t... :o i forgot to post a look today.. immediately we hung up the phone and i sat on my magic chair.. i can't thank you enough honey.. :b

Although this is not the best look and i hate giving excuses but this was all i could think at 3:00 AM..
oh..btw.. to top it all my internet connection decided to ditch me at the last moment.. posting it from my mobile so today i just have few pictures (its takes like forever to upload pictures from mobile)

rakhi makeup

rakhi makeup

Rakhi makeup

rakhi makeup

Products used

Coastal scents Hot Pot - Thulian pink
Inglot Matte 372 (teal)
Maybelline color tattoo - edgy emerald
Ingot eyeshadow in 403 (yellow gold)

Do lemme know what you think of this look..

I will see you all in the next post... ( finally i can sleep..zzzz)

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  1. Loved this look and loved teal and golden lower lash line

  2. So mesmerizingly beautiful....loved the color combination.

  3. i loveee this look.. very pretty

  4. Stunninggg.... combination of colors is awesome!! :) :)


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