Tuesday, August 6, 2013

30 Days Eye-Makeup Challenge ~ Day 6 Gloomy eyes (Soft smokey look)

It has been raining since morning and i am loving this weather, the sky was covered with thick dark clouds , so today i took inspiration from the gloomy sky and decided to do something smokey and dark but not gothic and too intense.

I used some skin tone eyeshadows with berry grey eyeshadow to do this look, i had to meet some old friends today and i din't wanna be late so today's makeup was quick and easy.

I really wanted to share some pictures of the sky(inspiration) on my blog , so i took out my camera and realised that i left the memory card at home in my laptop :( and as i was in a hurry i thought of taking picture in the car but....

I couldn't enjoy the rain as i wanted my eye makeup to stay in place so that i can take pictures when i reach home. :P... my under eye concealer is almost washed out and my eyes look really tired .. but here this is what i wore on my eyes today !!

Hope you guys like it !!


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