Wednesday, August 7, 2013

30 Days Eye-Makeup challenge ~ Day 7 Blue smokey eye liner

I get distracted so easily and its really difficult for me to focus on things , like today i completely forgot about the challenge until i was getting ready to go out in the evening. I have been baking the whole day trying out breads and croissants, look wise i got 10/10 but i did mess up the ingredients a little bit. (pics here)

My main aim while doing this challenge is to come up with more neutral and wearable looks that we can easily wear on daily basis, but i would also be posting dramatic and non-wearable looks :)

Today i wore a dark blue top and paired it with black jeans, so for makeup i decided to do little matching-matching.

For this look, i applied a black eyeliner on my lids and blended it with a smudger brush, and on top of the liner i applied a Smokey Sapphire pigment by madison street and again blended it with a light brown eyeshadow. Apply mascara and highlight and you are done !!

I just love how this look brings drama to my eyes without closing them up (making them look smaller )  or without looking over the top, perfect for small as well as big eyes.

 I Hope you guys liked this look !

Love and Hugs !! 


  1. I really liked the idea and the look... smoky blues are my fav will try it for sure :)

  2. Really pretty!!! I'm gonna try it.

  3. Thats so beautiful..i am following ur EOTD series :)


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