Wednesday, September 25, 2013

TREND REPORT(PRESS NOTE) : Lakmé Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2013

TREND REPORT @ Lakmé Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2013

This fall fashion goes beyond clothing

Amazonian Skin Tones & Sculpted look

The models at LFW WF 2013 looked to accentuate the rich and bronze color of Indian Skin. The use of bronze and peach blushes allowed the models to have an earthy glow. To avail this healthy glow, Lakmé Salon offers a Chocolicious Masque and a Perfect Radiance Facial to rejuvenate your skin and prep it for a dry winter. The youth Infinity facial further accentuates the sculpted look.

A Dab of Glitter

This season, the nails trended with a dab of glitter on them. The use of matt colors and dull shades were brought to life with a variety of glitter shades either sprinkled on randomly or carefully painted on the top or bottom half of the nail. This is a definite keeper for the coming festive season. When you head down to the Lakmé Salon avail their Nail Art service and give your nails the look of the season

Colors: Black & Gold

With summer at a close, Winter Festive reflected the regal and sophistication of black and Gold. Perfect for grand occasions, festivals, weddings and celebrations, one can never go wrong with these colors. Designers like Nikhil Thampi, Vikram Phadnis, Rocky S and even Sabyasachi Mukherjee displayed an array of ways black and Gold can complement you this season.

Sleek, Tamed& Pull back

In winter, one’s hair can get dry and extremely frizzy with the lack of natural oils to keep it nourished. LFW WF trended sleek, and pulled back hairdos that held the sophistication and health of the hair. Lakmé Salon offers Miracle oil or Morrocon Oil treatments which removes the frizz and dryness and allows the hair to shine through.

Day & Night Eyes

An Indian woman’s eye makeup is imperative to her overall look and this LFW WF season is all about giving your eyes the right look at the right time. Accentuating one’s eyes at night with smoky and dark eye shadows while keeping a neutral or natural look during the day can really add to the diversity of eye makeup you choose to explore.

Day and Night Lips

Similar to the trends on eyes, the Lips are inversely complimenting to the eye makeup. This season the use of bright matt red lipsticks or neutral matt lipstick tones are in check. By day, give your lips a luscious red matt finish to compliment the neutral eye makeup. By night, neutralize the lips to give focus to the eyes. After all opposites attract!

Streak a Pose

You would expect the talk of color to be associated with the wardrobe; this Lakmé Fashion Week however took color all over. With Colorful Hair extensions clipped to sleak, chic and pulled back hairdos, braids and ponytails, it gave the models a funky yet sophisticated look. To avail this look Lakmé Salon offers hair extensions in a variety of new shades.

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