Thursday, October 10, 2013

Bronze and Purple Fall Makeup + Giveaway

Hi everyone ,
I tried this Bronze and Purple fall makeup look using Madison Street Beauty, i received their 5 full sized jars sometime back and these eyeshadows are really pretty and pigmented.
You can see their entire range of eyeshadows and other products on the website, ie.

This is the look i created...

For the Tutorial and Giveaway watch this video :)

I hope you liked it <3 p="">


  1. Its soo perfect for the upcoming festive season :) loving the combination

  2. Beautiful makeup! You look very pretty in the pics btw whats that lipcolor ?

  3. Beautiful eyes u have. Perfect makeup is enhancing the beauty

  4. your eye makeup posts are a delight to read and're just TOO GOOD <3

  5. Wow!!! You look so gorgeous! Love the eye makeup and the color combos. It looks so natural and I super like the lightness. Great choice indeed!


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