Monday, December 9, 2013

Indulge in a home SPA with Dove Elixir - Contest { 3 winner }

Hi Lovely Ladies ,
Am back with yet another contest with some amazingly AWESOME prize sponsored by Dove Elixir.
I was sent a Dove Elixir hamper to experience the goodness of a spa in the comfort of my home.

Dove is also willing to send the same hamper to 3 of my blog readers, its difficult for me to pick 3 winners so we decided to hold a contest and you just need to share your ideas on how you plan to enjoy the hamper products to get a spa like feel at home. SIMPLE !! isn't it ?

Here is what you can win.. followed by the rules..


Drool-worthy... Right ?

So here are the Rules..

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Comment below and share your idea on how you'll indulge in a home Spa with Dove Elixir along with your email id with which you subscribed to me blog , your GFC or +Google  name and Twitter handle (to check)

Contest will begin on 10th Dec 2013 and will end on 20th Dec (10 days to enter.)


All the BEST !!


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  2. I am participating. yay! :D

    How will i indulge in a hair spa at home? All these years my mom and grandmother have taken care of my hair. I still love my grand mother's champi.

    Well, I will celebrate exactly that. Play my grandmother's favorite old music, light some aroma candles, and give my grandmother a much deserved hair spa. Her long tresses might have turned grey, but she is still a beauty. <3

    GFC : Apurva Saxena
    Email :
    Facebook : Apurva Saxena
    Twitter : apurva_27

    Appu :*

  3. First of all very awesome setup deeptima... claps.....secondly. Dove... is my all time fav.. I just love each and every product of it... whether its body lotion... soap... shampoo.. conditioner... face wash... etc. Etc... its my all time fav. Coz its so mild and creamy and having a very smooth touch....
    And when it comes to Spa.. omg... m gonna fall crazy for that.... will indulge my hubi too during this awesome spa feeling to make it a romantic spa..... love u deeptima... take care...

  4. Hey Deeptima, Awesome giveaway :)
    I usually indulge myself in a home spa on weekends. My mum massage my scalp with Dove Elixir Rose and Almond Oil Hair-fall therapy for about 30 mins. For setting the ambience, i light some sandalwood and vanilla flavored candles in dim light. Further, I take a hot towel and wrap it around my hair so that the oil can penetrate inside the roots of the hair. After resting for about an hour I wash my hair with Schwarzkopf Bonacure Volume Boost shampoo and conditioner followed by Dove Nourishing Hair Mask and Serum. On alternate weekends, I apply a mask of banana, skimmed curd and honey for bounce.

    This is the secret to my bouncy hair. Hope to win :)

    Twitter : @Anupama07054930
    Facebook : Anupama eyyunni
    GFC : Anupama eyy
    Email :

  5. Hair spa at home means.. getting those luscious and silky soft hair with minimum effort..
    I usually indulge myself in homemade hair pack..
    1. either curd + lemon or
    2. Aloe vera massage.. blended with almond oil..
    both works absolutely amazingly and leave me with silky soft hair.. :) :)
    and if i m really short on time I will use a hair butter post hair wash .. :D :D

    I wouldnt mind relaxing while listening to my fav romantic songs or watching a flick.. ;)

    FB - Poonam Jain
    GFS Name - Poo Jain
    Twitter name - Poonam_BMM

    Every Sunday(IN winters) is my spa day.. And really I want a proper environment and time. Spa is useless if you are not feeling relaxed after it.
    1. I just dim lights of the room and spray my favourite room freshner.
    2. Then I sit on a chair and request my grand maa to oil my hairs. She is the best when comes to hair massage, I don't know what magic she has in Her hands <3 I just love it.
    I prefer a mix of olive, coconut oil and few drops of badam rogan in winters. And trust me the results are always magical.
    3. Then I steam my hair with a steamer or for about 10 mins. I usually add few drops of lavender oil in steamer.
    4. Then I relax for 2 hours to let hairs absorb the oil. In the mean time I listen to my favourite songs or read a magazine or cook something delicious.
    4. Then after 2 hours I wash my hairs with anti-dandruff shampoo and warm water. Conditioning, a most important step after it.
    5. Then I apply hair mask.
    Hair mask- 1 egg, 2 spoons of yogurt and honey each.
    Then cover it with a shower cap and let it rest for 1 hour.
    Then I rinse off and flaunt my beautiful, silky and smooth hairs.


    Facebook: Saloni goel
    Gfc: oni
    twitter: oni_goel

  7. Create Spa Look at Home :

    Light candles, use your favorite lighting, turn on your favorite
    music, run your bath and get your beverage.
    Towels – Big, fluffy ones are perfect. To feel extra special on spa
    days, save these just for your spa time.
    Scrubs, bath salts, lotions, pedicure cream, favorite scent

    The entire feel of a nice spa is enough to give the sense of beautiful
    pleasure & joy to get pampered

    Hair spa is usually made up of massage oil, hair mask application,
    shampooing and deep conditioning.The four essentials are: Oil massage,
    shampoo, mask and conditioner.

    * Massage your scalp with olive oil.

    * Dip a towel in warm water and squeeze the excess water out.
    Wrap the towel around the hair.

    * Wash your hair. Now, wash the hair with a mild shampoo.
    Use only cold water as hot water is harmful to the hair roots.

    * Use a conditioner. Rinse it off after half an hour with just
    warm water and no shampoo.

    Lastly, a hair mask:)

    Hair Olive Oil Deep Hair Conditioning Mask:

    Beat two eggs (three for long hair) and add in three tablespoons of
    olive oil. Add your favorite essential oils for fragrance (optional.)
    Apply a liberal amount to hair from root to tip. Wrap hair in warm
    towel and rest for about 30 minutes. After you rinse, you will notice
    how soft, shiny and manageable your hair will be. :)

    Facebook: Bhavani Sekar
    Gfc: Bhavani Sekar
    twitter: @Poojadalu

  8. Hey Deeptima... first of all thank you so much for such this relaxing giveaway hun.. always stay blessed dear.. lots of love..
    Well regarding the giveaway, personally I love Dove soap..and I use it daily to wash my face.. it feels so soft and cute when I touch my skin...heheheheheh.... :p

    And when we talk about Spa.. I think it the most awesome way to fall in love with yourself... and also relax your body from daily work and tensions all around... I want to experience the peace during the course of Spa and just wanna love myself all over again.. want to relax... plus.. the old memories flashing in my mind.. When my grandmother and now my mother... gives me a “maalish” with her strong hands...and yes... the old songs.. I just love that kind of background... during Spa.. awesome... gosh... love that moment...

    +Google: kannucreative
    Twitter: @creative_kannu

    And dear all the very best with your future...n love ur make up videos.. always keep up the good work.. and I am your make up fan.. :D

  9. Hey dear!!! Thnq soo much for hosting such an amazing giveaway..... :D

    A Hair Spa for me means pampering my hair inorder to bribe it to become how it used to be... I regularly used to straighten my hair and many times I wudn't use a heat protectant as a result of which my hair has become very dry and thin... :'(
    I do a hair spa twice a week....
    Once a week I follow this routine(on Wednesdays):
    First I apply Biotique Bio Bhringraj Hair Oil... It has really worked wonders for my hair. I apply it to my hair by gently massaging it into the scalp so that it gets absorbed easily. I leave it on for about 2 hours.
    After this I wash it off using Matrix biolage hydrating shampoo and then i apply Loreal 3X Fall Repair Hair Conditioner.I leave it on for around 10 mins after which i wash it off.Make sure to apply conditioner only to the roots and not to the scalp....

    Saturday night my Hair Spa process is:
    I first create a hair mask using 2 eggs (white only) and 4 tablespoons olive oil.I mix both the ingredients together and then apply them to my hair.After this I wrap my hair in a hair cap.I leave this mask on for about an hour during which i play my favorite music and relax(After all it is the weekend!! :D ). Then I wash off the mask with slightly warm water (dont use very hot water as this dries the hair).Then I wash my hair with my matrix biolage shampoo and apply the loreal conditioner.I leave the conditioner on for 10 mins then rinse it off with cold water.

    And that is how i do my Hair Spa.... :D

    My email id:
    My GFC: neha mishra
    My twitter handle: @neha01237

  10. soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo I follow you

    spa spa spa indulge........ive been working my ass off past 6 months so much so that ive been away from my world...blogging...writing...tlaking to the girlies...when i win this hamper..i wana put some music on my system..lite some candle.s.cook some comfort food....this one time sweets overload...gather my girls and champi myself and all of em...i will do so much that i will finish the dove bottles right then:p ive been wating to get my hand on this since it launched havent had a chance...this is my chance:) hair spa to me is not only about the hair and how it looks externly...its more of a relaxation and incrsng blood flow.....nd the more i pamper myself the more i love myself...:)
    love to all!

  11. Awesome post..

    So here is my spa at home process which i prefer to do on holidays..

    1-Dim the light and plays slow old musics.
    2- Start massaging oil on hair which is a mixture of olive oil,almond oil and coconut oil.
    3- Then after massaging wrap a hot towel for 20 minutes.
    4- Then wait for 2 hours to penetrate oil into the hair roots properly. In between i also pamper my body by massaging ..
    5- then wash my hair with my favourite shampoo and conditioner.
    6- Then i apply my best ever fenugreek seed hair mask which i prepare at home before and wait for 1hour. In the mean time i apply my gram flour face pack on face to pamper myself more.
    7- thenafter 1 hour wash my hair again and the final out come is very beautiful shiny hair with glowing face.

    Fb name: Snigdha Prusti
    Twitter name: @snigdha_fairy
    GFC: Snigdha Prusti

  12. Hey Deeptima, Lovely giveaway...<3

    My spa therapy at home…
    “Just turn your shower on and run it at its hottest temperature for about 20 minutes. While the water is running and the steam is building, take a warm washcloth and spray with your favorite relaxing oil. (Lavender, vanilla or rosemary are all great de-stressing aromas.) When you step into your shower, put the washcloth up to your face and take a deep breath of your soothing, oil-scented steam. It’s a great way to unwind right before bed—and it also helps clear up sinuses.”
    Fb name: Huma sheikh
    Twitter name: @humasheikhhuma2
    GFC: huma sheikh

  13. Hair spa at home ^_^
    The cuticle (outermost covering) of your hair becomes ragged over the week due to environmental damage, causing hair to feel rough and lose its shine. This needs intensive smoothening over the weekend. Warm half a bowl of coconut or olive oil. Add the juice of half a lemon if you have very oily hair or a lot of product build-up (residue of hair spray, mousse, gel, etc). Massage well into roots, comb out and wrap a hot towel around your head for 10 minutes.

    Remove towel and apply a hair pack. Henna powder mixed with black tea and a teaspoon of ground soaked fenugreek (methi) seeds is great for shine and volume and works for all hair types. To add strength to brittle hair, use egg white with fenugreek paste instead. The egg protein repairs the damaged hair shaft.

    Shampoo after 20 minutes. You could rinse your hair with half a glass of beer after the shampoo -- it adds instant shine and bounce to your tresses.
    Fb name: Huma sheikh
    Twitter name: @humasheikhhuma2
    GFC: huma sheikh

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  16. My best way to do a spa at home is “dim the lights and burn a candle or some aroma sticks, as I have dry hair I always choose Dove lavender oil to massage my hair and after indulging in a soothing spa experience at the comfort of my home, I wash my hair with a mild shampoo that suits my hair type and hair condition and get gorgeous and healthy looking hair". :) :tup :angel :party
    Fb name: Ashwini krishnamoorthy
    Twitter name: @Achhu_Munni
    GFC: Ashwini

  17. Hostel hair spa in Rs. 20

    What do you need?

    A comb (free, because you obviously own one!)
    Hair oil (free if I win the Dove hamper :P)
    A napkin (free)
    Some warm water (free)
    And a sachet of dove shampoo and conditioner (Rs. 5)
    Egg (Rs. 5)
    Yoghurt (Rs. 5 in my hostel)

    How do you go about it?

    First, massage Dove Elixir on your head gently and let your blood circulate well. Next, take some warm water and dip a napkin in it. Place the napkin on your head for about 5 minutes and repeat this step a few times.

    Relax for an hour or so till your hair has absorbed the oil

    Apply a hair mask of egg whites (beaten) and half a bowl of yoghurt mixed well for about 30 minutes and then use Dove shampoo and conditioner to wash your hair.

    Dove Elixir acts as a great substitute for hair serum or leave on conditioner, too. Just rub a few drops on your palm and run it down your hair.

    Let your crowning glory dry naturally in the sun. (Hair dryers are a complete No!)

    And since my hostel has a mini lake within the campus, I tend to steal a chair from the classroom and sit in the sun as I read my book!

    Facebook, GFC name: Khushboo Motihar
    Subscribed through:
    Twitter: kbmotihar

  18. Great giveaway Dee...
    Hair Spa at home...well ..on some lucky weekends, I like to give myself a massage with coconut oil in which curry leaves have been boiled. The oil should be a little warm and with a small cotton swab, I first apply it to the roots of my hair and after which I apply some on the hair ends...After massaging for about 10 mins, I wrap my head in a hot towel, and keep it on for 5 mins. Then wash off with my favorite shampoo, and apply a deep conditioning hair mask. Then on towel dried hair, I apply a bit of heat protecting and smoothening serum and blow dry for shiny and super soft hair...It takes some time, but the end result is wonderful try sometime ...

    My email id:
    Twitter handle: @Agnibanya
    Facebook: Agnibanya Das Poddar


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