Monday, January 13, 2014

Kaya Pigmentation Reducing Complex Review

Kaya Pigmentation Reducing Complex - About the product

Pigmentation Reducing Complex is a light textured fast absorbing cream which helps to reduce dark spors, age spot, tanning and pigmentation marks that are resistant and have been there for a long time. It contains high potent actives like Azelaic acid and Phytic acid which are proven tyrosinase inhibitor. The actives not only help to reduce the spots but also prevent further darkening of skin.

Help reduce dark spots and pigmentation in just 2 weeks.

My Experience

The first thing i noticed about this product was the sweet strong fragrance.. but the smell fades off after sometime. Before going into details i'll save your time and will say that i love this product and i have been using it religiously. This being said, continue reading to know why and what i like about it.

Kaya pigmentation reducing complex comes with the pump which is really useful to control the flow of product. The cream at first might feel really thick and rich but once applied on the face just gets absorbed really fast without feeling sticky or heavy (true to the claims). It works great for my dry skin and provides me the required moisturisation  by taking cares of the flakiness around my cheeks.


This product claims to reduce dark spots , age spots, tanning and pigmentation marks. I don't have a lot of marks and scars on my face just one or two here and there occasionally but they do take forever to disappear completely. My main concern was some light pigmentation around my smile lines, I used it everyday after cleaning my face and sometimes at night. After like 5-6 days i noticed my acne scars and pigmentation getting lighter and i did notice my face looks a lot more even and healthier (because it was hydrated).

Sadly i cannot say there was a drastic change as i din't have a problematic skin to begin with but it did lightened up my pigmentation and provided me intense moisturisation (can be used on oily skin as well as its not greasy ). If you have a lot of pigmentation and marks on your face i would suggest you to cleanse and gently exfoliate your face before applying this to get maximum results.

In short i am really liking this product and i would be testing this out on my mum also, will get back to you once i have used it on her for a sufficient time period.

Hope you find this review useful.
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    1. it won't hurt to shed 1k if the product does what it says

  2. Sounds quite nice! i Too have pigmentation near my mouth area and would do anything to remove it!
    Nicely reviewed!

  3. Seems a great product to try Nice Review Deeps :)

  4. sounds interesting.......nice product.....xoxoxo.... :)

  5. seems like a great product.... :)
    never tried kaya products... will try to get this..i hve sm red spots around my nose

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