Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Lakme Skin Gloss Winter Intense Moisturiser Review

Lakme came up with so many new and improved products last year to meet consumers needs. Lakme is one of the oldest and most trusted brand in India and they have definitely won my heart with all the new skincare and Makeup collection. 

I like light weight moisturizers that can rehydrate my dry skin , for years i have been using Lakme Peach milk moisturizer and i love how it makes my skin soft and supple but in winters my skin needs something extra to combat flakiness... and then i started usking Lakme Skin Gloss Winter Intense Moisturiser

About the product

Lakmé Skin Gloss Winter Intense moisturizer, is a face moisturizer, designed keeping in mind your skin requirements during winter. It protects your skin from the harsh and cold weather, and also be used as a primer for your make-up. All you need to do it layer it on post your Lakmé clean-up in the morning and your skin is winter prepped. 

Lakmé Skin Gloss Winter Intense moisturizer (Bottle):

•          60ml – Rs.100/-
•          120ml-Rs.195/-
•          200ml-Rs.299/- 

My Thoughts 

The packaging the similar to the fruit moisturisers, and i like the blue and white color scheme goes great with winters. The consistency of the moisturiser is denser compared to the previous fruit moisturiser but its not heavy on the skin. This moisturiser is specially made for winters to reducess dryness.
you can see the consistency not runny at all
excuse my dry fingers :(
 When i first tried the product i was more than happy to see the thick consistency, as thicker creams provides more hydration and are richer. This moisturiser justifies its name and does provide a healthy sheen to the skin. 

I usually apply this immediately after washing my face and if i don't plan on wearing foundation/makeup i don't have to reapply it for the whole day. It gets absorbed quickly making my skin very soft. A little goes a long way. It does provide a very subtle sheen or say a healthy looking glow to the face but only for a couple of hour. It does not make my skin feel heavy or neither does it clogs my pours. 

I like how it does not have a strong fragrance, it has a really mild fruity smells that fades off in like 10-15 minutes. 

To sum up, its...
  • A thick creamy consistency
  •  Light weight, doesn't clog pour
  • Provides moisture for 6-7 + hours (without makeup)
  • Addes healthy Sheen
 Am not very sure how it this will work on oily skin, i feel it might just work as it gets absorbed fast and you don't need too much product. 

I hope you find this review useful, hope to see you in my next post.
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  1. Great review Deeptima.. I am using it too <3

  2. Sounds nice! The pics are so cool! :)

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    1. Hi deeptima I liked ur review was too helpful kp nit up GOD BLESS U AD UR FAMILY FR EVER BYE.


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