Wednesday, January 22, 2014

My Shopping experience with HomeShop18 TV (picture heavy)

I am pretty sure, at one point or the other, you all must have been lured by the late night home shopping advertisements or must have imitated the funny voiceover they put on international ads that are so damn funny.

But today I want to share my shopping experience with HomeShop18 TV. I saw a few bloggers sharing their experiences and everyone had something good to say about them and honestly I was tempted too.

They have a dedicated channel i.e., HomeShop18 TV where they always have different items on sale and ongoing offers. They review and sell different products relating to household stuff, beauty and makeup, electronics and gadgets, lifestyle etc.
They also have a website where you can check out the featured products and the timings when they’ll go on air. The website is actually very user friendly but we are not here to talk about the site. :P

So I saw a jewellery collection on HomeShop18 TV with an amazing offer of free pendants and earrings with a collection of 5 jewellery sets, something I didn’t want to miss out on. I thought it was a really good deal for the price and would use them for my upcoming YouTube videos but was quite sceptical about the quality initially but since this was for just Rs. 2099/-, it was worth giving a shot!

So, this is what I got…

And these are the products that i got for free...(as mentioned in the offer)

I received my products last weekend and since then I have been eager to share it with you guys! These are all costumes jewellery (which are probably used during shoots) and i'll not lie but i found the quality to be ok-ok and i might wear some of these for some events in the future :)

Ordering on the phone was so much easier! You just need to write down the product code and call the number flashing on the screen.
Their representatives are highly responsive and you won’t have to wait for a long time for someone to answer your call… btw did I mention their customer care number is toll free!

Once you tell them the product code, the rep. will ask for your address and phone number if you are a new customer and for existing customers you just need to give them the phone number.
The only thing I didn’t like about the whole process was giving out my card details over the phone, so it’s always safe to opt for cash on delivery option which they have!

My sister had bought a few products from them in the past and had always encouraged me to try them out but I was always doubtful.
But after my experience, I wouldn’t mind shopping from them again.
I would recommend you to place a small order for the first time to check their services and quality of products.
UPDATE : I forgot to mention i also received coupons worth Rs 1000/- with my order 

 Do share you experiences with me in the comment section below and i hope my post was helpful for you.

Hope to see you again soon.


  1. omg u got so much...nice stuff u got btw!

  2. omg! i didnt know they had a jewellery section has well. u got a ton of stuff. Gorgeous pieces!

    1. even i had no idea.. but do check out the site or channel they have more such collections..

  3. wow! thanks for sharing :) just curious the gold platting can stay long without getting oxidized

  4. Had no idea HomeShop18 had decent costume jewellery! thanks for the post!

  5. The peacock earrings set is so pretty!! and so are all other sets..Its a steal at that price :)


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