Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Vaseline Lip Therapy + SPF 15 Review

About the product

Chapped lips are a sign of winter. You bundle up in extra layers during the winter months, but your lips are still exposed to the sun, wind, cold, and dry air. With its excellence in skin care, what better than Vaseline lip therapy to nourish your chapped lips.  Let your lips speak louder than your words with Vaseline Lip Therapy!

Our lips have an amazing ability to experience heightened sensations, allowing us to feel the slightest of touch and sense the environment around us.  However, unlike body skin, the skin on our lips does not naturally create its own moisture layer, leaving it susceptible to dryness and chapping. Vaseline Lip Therapy helps to keep lips healthy and protected. The lip therapy range comes with goodness of Vitamin E known for its antioxidant properties and Petroleum jelly that keeps moisture locked in. “Vaseline lip therapy SPF15 not only moisturises and soothes lips but also provides effective protection from the harsh effects of the sun.”

Vaseline offers you 4 variants to cherish your lips.

  • Vaseline Lip Therapy Aloe Vera
  • Vaseline Lip Therapy Original
  • Vaseline Lip Therapy Cocoa Butter
  • Vaseline Lip Therapy Rose
Aloe Vera , Original , Cocoa Butter , Rose
Price - Rs 150

Vaseline Lip Therapy Rose Review

Vaseline Lip Therapy will give your lips a gorgeous soft rosy glow  along with moisturisation with sweet almond and rose oils.  

I am a lip balm hoarder, i love collecting and trying out different lip balms. When i first saw the Vaseline Lip Therapy on TV i was eager to try it out, for me it was like the vaseline jelly but in tube form. I love my vaseline jelly for winters it keeps my elbows, arms, knees, heels etc soft and smooth so i had high hopes from this product.

I found this lipbalm to be very smooth and it glides smoothly on my lips. I really like the fact that this doesn't feel heavy at all and gets absorbed quickly. It provides decent moisturization but if you have really dry lips this might not be sufficient for you.

It works well when my lips are exfoliated and i have no chapped skin. Just like you face your lips need to be exfoliated and well nourished before you put any makeup on. I love the mild rosy fragrance and it is colorless.

This is how it looks on the lips

To summaries i would say it is a pocket friendly lipbalm to keep your lips soft and kissable for a good couple of hours (without lipstick).  If you plan on wearing a matte lipstick or something that dries out your lips you might have to look for something that is more rich and nourishing.You might have to reapply it frequently.

I would give it a 3.5/5


  • Not heavy on Lips
  • Smooth and non greasy
  • Lovely rosy fragrance
  • Pocket friendly 


  • Works okay-ish underneath lipsticks
I hope you found the review useful, do share your thoughts if you have tried this out.



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