Monday, March 31, 2014

Dabur Vatika Enriched Olive hair oil - Review

Product claims

The future of hair care is here – Dabur Vatika Enriched Olive Hair Oil strengthens each hair strand from root to tip and reduces hairfall upto 50%, while the extracts of almond protein and aloe vera make your hair silkier and bouncier.

  • Blessed with a world of goodness that nature has bestowed upon olives, the fruit as well as the leaves are an integral part of many beauty treatments. While the leaves are used for their healing effects, the fruit is sought-after for the oil it contains.
  • It is a trusted natural ingredient that nourishes the roots faster.
  • It coats the hair shaft and restores lustre to dull hair.
  • It is easily absorbed by the scalp, making it the perfect choice for hair massage.
  • In fact, when it comes to managing frizzy hair or retaining moisture in dry hair, olive oil is the oil you can truly trust.

  • Known for its healing properties, aloe vere is an important ingredient when it comes to the maintence of beautiful skin and hair. For ages it has found an importenct place in natural therapies owing to its medicinal properties. the same propeerires make it beneficial for the hair too.
  • It contains minerals,enzymes,amino acid & Principle constituents are Aloin,aloe-emodin,rasins, Tannins,polysaccharides & Aloectine B.It is anemollient,moisturizing agents & antiseptic properties.
  • Aloe vera helps retain moisture to is an effective conditioner.


  • Almond protien penetrates the hair/scalp thereby helps to strengthening the roots thereby reduces haif fall.
  • Almond protein has an excellent affinity for hair thus helps to fight brittleness.


There is no need for me to lay any more stress on how important hair oils are , especially when it has olive, Almond proteins and Aloe Vera. I usually stick to my tried and test old favorites, but i have been using this hair oil for some time now and i started liking it right after the first use.

Dabur Vatika enriched Olive Hair oil is light and on non-sticky. I usually massage my scalp a night before or some times an hour before shampooing. Usually after oiling, washing it off is a pain but because of the light texture it gets washed off easily.

It smells nice (little organic, may be because of Bhringraj) and the smells fades off after washing. I don't feel the need to condition my hair after using this and it does stands true to its claim and provides nourishment and softness.

As far the claim for 50% less hairfall is considered , i cannot say anything for that as i feel you need to use it for good number of times to start seeing the results and more over i din't see any striking difference.

These are priced at Rs.110 for 200ml and Rs.60 for 100 ml

Would highly recommend this oil to people with dry unmanagable hair and also to those you use styling tools more often.

Hope you find this review useful, do let me know if you have tried it.

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  1. Lovely review hun...It is quite awesome considering the price too :) <3

  2. Seems great! Value for money :)
    Nice review Deeptima :D

    1. thnx Naomi... i really love how soft my hair gets after using it :)


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