Friday, March 7, 2014

Love Long hair Blind Test - First Impression Review

Hi everyone,
if you remember my previous post where i mentioned that i have been using a new range of shampoo and conditioner for a blind test, the brands and range is still under-covers. I have used it a couple of times now i have a developed an impression in my mind for the product. So , continue reading as i state my observation, you might just find that shampoo you have been looking for..

So, the shampoo and conditioner are of normal white color like a regular shampoo , the scent is not very strong if you sniff if from the bottle but after a wash it does leave a very subtle pleasant smell. 
As this range is stressing more towards "long hair" , this is focused more on keeping hair smooth and tangle free, most common problem for long hair. I find the shampoo and conditioner are very moisturizing.

For me i feel this shampoo is lil bit extra moisturizing as it makes my hair fall flat from the front but i cannot ignore how soft and tangle free my hair remain even after the second day. As the shampoo itself is nourishing (i can say oily) i don't feel the need to use conditioner frequently, but i use it after using hot tool and it just repairs the damage wonderfully.

So far i would say this shampoo is perfect if you have dry scalp and hair, but for normal or oily head this would be a little too much and you might have to wash your hair more frequently to get rid of the excess oil.

I hope you find this post useful, i'll observe my hair for few more days and i'll be back with my final verdit followed by post to kill this suspense.

Till next time..cya

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  1. I wonder what brand this is. So mysterious! :D
    I have super long hair and I think I should get this product. Reveal the brand name soon!


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