Thursday, April 10, 2014

Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm and Lacquer Balm Swatches

Hey everyone ,
These swatches have been waiting for two whole weeks to go online... I have been paying a little more attention to my lifestyle and health,
I have joined gym with my boo just so we could spend a little more time together as our routines are completely messed up due to his odd working hours.. grrr.. anyways i'll keep you all updated with all the changes and hopefully weight loss update (when it happens) may be in a vlog. ;) (if anyone is interested.. lol .. )

Coming back to the post, i swatched all the 16 New Revlon lips balms at the store and it was really difficult to pick one for review, i am still waiting to try it out as i am planning to do a first impression video... imagine resisting to use a brand new lip product that you see everyday on your table(i need to record tomorrow now)...  so here are the swatches incase someone wants to buy these online..

Revlon Colorburst Matte Balms

As you can see i swatches the lip balms quite generously all over my arm i had to place left for the Lacquer balms and see somehow i managed. lol

1. Flirtatious
2. Ingenue
3. Enticing
4. Whimsical
5. Tease
6. Vivacious
7. Coy
8. Coquette

Price : Rs. 800

Which ones did you pick or planning to pick ?? 

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  1. Aw! pretty shades, I like elusive and stand out so much..

    1. elusive and standout are really pretty...i have audacious.. cant wait to get more shades..

  2. Ingenue looks so great for a nude lip! Very pretty shade :)

  3. All shades are very pretty and I love posts with swatches......xoxoxo :mj :e <3

  4. I love unapologetic, but they are pretty expensive. Why are all the brands increasing their prices.

  5. Oh what pretty shades they are..I just have a feeling that you've picked up Unapologetic, is it??

    1. hahaha.. you are so close Agni, i was about to get Unapologetic but then i got Audacious ...

  6. These are really pretty! I want all the colors actually :)

  7. Loved the way you reviewed the product. Also would request you to review The Body Shop products as I found them awesome. To know more about the product line you can visit:


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