Friday, June 20, 2014

Coastal Scents Revealed 2 Palette Sneak Peek !

Coastal Scents launched their Revealed 2 palette on 3rd June 2014, and at the launch the palette was up on the site for $ 9.95 only for just 48 hours. So straight away i placed my order and yesterday i.e. on 19th June i received my palette.
As it was a new launch and the palette was on sale my order took 3 days to process and they shipped out the palette on 6th June. I was expecting it to arrive a little sooner but am glad it came safely.

I haven't used the palette yet just swatched few shades, i'll post the swatches and review by next week. Meanwhile here are few pictures of the palette. 

Btw, they also sent 4 eyeshadow samples and the shades are amazing !! 

Free Samples !!
Its a perfect neutral palette, and so far i am really liking it.
I'll be back with swatches and my review soon.

Till next time.


  1. I also want to buy this palette unfortunately shipping rates suck big time lol

    1. seriously... shipping rates are insane..

  2. I'm liking this palette a lot, will be buying this at the end of month.
    Waiting for the looks you would create using this palette :)

    1. i used this palette a couple of times.. the shades are amazing !! you should get it <3


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