Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Wedding Bells : Glimpse of my Engagement (Roka/Misri)

I have been stressing out for leaving my blog unattended for weeks so as a come back post i wanted something personal and special, what could have been more special and personal than talking about the most heart-warming day of my life.. my Roka, some people call it Misri or godh bharai or Tikka its a cultural thing and people have many different words to address it.

So, as i announced on my Instagram on 6th July 2014 about this big day most of you already know that i am getting married (oh god, i am really getting nervous typing this) i really can't express how special i felt reading all your message, it felt like you all were a part of the day.

I just felt everyone was by my side and that feeling is beyond anything in this world.. sometimes i get way too emotional and get carried away trying to express myself so we'll leave it here (but you know what i mean) . Thank you so much !

A lot of you have been messaging and asking me about the function, how we celebrated it or basically what it is all about and what i wore, trust me i am not ignoring or trying to hide anything.
I will be sharing pictures and also would answer all the question on my YouTube channel.
 It might take some more time but it will be there.

Also, you can send in your ideas on what you would like to see in future.

 For this post i'll leave you guys with some pictures to build up your excitement. :P Thanks again !!

This is it for now, there are many more pictures to come (better ones :P)

Have an amazing day !! 


  1. congratulations dear but i was expecting more pics :(

  2. U looking so pretty and glowing <3

  3. You look gorgeous!! All the best :)

  4. U look so pretty... waiting for more pics

  5. U look grgs dear.. Waiting for the detailed video.. ;)

  6. Dee, oh my look so radiant..I'm sure you would make the prettiest bride ever....Please do post more know we'd so love to see more of you <3


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