Monday, December 8, 2014

Wedding Update - 7th Dec 2014 Ganesh Pooja Pictures !

Hey Guys !!
I hope you all are great and thank you for stopping by... Its pretty understandable why i have been MIA and today i am having the exact same feelings i had when i started blogging.. everything seems new after-all its been 53 days since i last blogged.

I am really enjoying this phase of my life, just 3 days to go for the wedding and 2 for the ring ceremony... i still remember the day we officially got engaged (Roka, pics HERE) . Seeing my parents enthusiasm and their efforts to make things perfect for me is really touching... its a roller coaster of emotions.

Yesterday, on 7th December 2014, we had Ganesh Pooja or some call it  Sat Narayan katha, it was a family affair with some neighbors followed by lunch. I wore a silk suit in Purple, very Indian and traditional.

I recorded videos and captured some picture for my memories sadly i don't have any decent pic of myself but i would like to share some here as my blog and you guys are an important part of my life.

Mom and Dad

After lunch we all head to our terrace to get clicked. The sunset was so amazing, i'll surely miss this scenery after marriage.. although i am not going far but the terrace was my go to place in winters...


And before you ask, yes i have recorded some part of the day and will combine everything into one video.
For those who as been asking about my MUA or weather i'll be doing my own makeup.. yes i'll be doing my own makeup, for hair and outfit i have hired someone and i hope everything goes smooth.

Make sure you follow me on instagram (@deeptima) as i would be posting pictures there first !!

Till next time... 

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