Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Starting all over again...

Today, i received an email saying your domain names was successfully renewed... and it hit me hard that i should either shut down the blog, which i don't want to do or be regular.

So, from today onwards i'll try to post frequently here, its not that i forgot about my blog rather doing a blog post has been at the back of my mind since the past 5 months (since marriage). I drafted a post on my 1 month anniversary with our honeymoon pictures but for some reason i failed to post it and today we have completed 5 months (and 8 day :P ), time is running like crazy i still can't believe that the wedding is over and i am Mrs. Hotchandani. It feels good but i am still settling down trying to do my things while adjusting to his timings and understanding how things roll in this new house... pheww..

So, basically i just wanted to tell you guys i am starting to blog all over again and thanks for staying around.

                                                                     Love and Kisses !

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