Thursday, September 3, 2015

PepperTap - Best Online Grocery Shopping App

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If you follow me on Instagram (Deeptima) you might already know all i do these days is crib about being busy and how life has changed as i am the 'woman of the house' now , so this is the perfect time to review and share my experience on PepperTap because any sort of help for running my kitchen and household is much needed.

So PepperTap is an online grocery shopping App, where you can buy fruits & vegetables, Munchies, Breakfast & Dairy  products, Staples and Spices as well as Bath - Body and Hygiene Products.You won't find all the products that you can get at a physical store but their inventory is pretty good, you'll find almost everything. The best part is they deliver within 2 hours..yes, you read that right... within TWO HOURS !!

PepperTap is the best thing everrrr for busy couples, I have tried other online grocery shopping apps but I would say this is the best, even when I order groceries via phone from my local store I always end up missing some or the other products and they not always have a delivery boy to deliver things on time. With PepperTap I just keep adding item that i need and when I have enough items in my cart or if I urgently need something I just order it first thing in the morning I always get it within an hour of the selected time slot.

The delivery boys are very professional, I sometimes avoid opening the door when i am alone at home as I am new to this place but I get notified via message about my order so I get an estimate when my order would reach me. As soon as you receive your order you'll get an invoice in your mail ( +1 for saving paper) and if something is out of stock they will call you and ask for a replacement or say substitute and its upto you if you want to accept or not.

Till date I have received all up to date products in good condition, I just plan our meals in advance and look up for ingredients in the kitchen if something is missing or got over i just add that to the cart. Life made easy !!

So for the past few weeks I have used PepperTap for a couple of times and I feel my husband loves it more than I do as we only get weekends to shop and no one loves shopping for grocery in a crowed store and weekends are for relaxing and enjoying not for standing in queue in front of billing counters. Right ?

Also you receive 20% off on your first order, you can download the app via google play store for FREE !!

Hope you find this useful and i'll talk to you all soon.

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