Saturday, April 9, 2016


Imagine not being able to access your blog, template deleted, log-in page not loading and to top it all off your blogs is recognized as a malware by Google.

Worst nightmare for any blogger.

Hi Guys,
so if you follow me on snapchat (@Deeptima) for watch my Youtube videos you might have some idea that something was not right with my blog and i wanted to make a specific post regarding this as this is an important topic.

So, few months back (last year) i was planning to move my blog from blogger to wordpress and by coincidence i got contacted by a lady who has a team who works on the same and was willing to shift my blog in return of a shoutout. Sounds like a good deal.

I took my time to decided and i just thought what could go wrong and i agreed. So, before going into details i also want to mention the lady i am talking about was very helpful and always addressed my queries on time, so nothing against her.

So, just after few weeks of transfer  i started facing troubles with my blog, i lost few comments, old stats, views etc but i was not that bothered as my YouTube channel is my main platform so i was willing to experiment and gave her team more time, this was followed with server failure, template deletion, blog not being available on google search engine and a lot more.

Honestly, i got anxiety and sleepless nights i was wondering what if i was a full time blogger and was earning my bread and butter via this blog. The situation was pretty messed up, i disappointed so many viewers and specially brands who were looking forward for collaborations.

At some point, i just got fed up and thought of deleting / discontinuing the blog... but i couldn't
I also asked the same person to shift me back on blogger as here i have full control of my blog, i can design, edit, modify everything and over there i had to seek her help for everything.

It was not at all easy for me to put things together again, i retrieved as much data as i could and it feels like i am starting from scratch again.

So, i just want you all to be very very careful while handling your details and blog to someone, always go for someone who you know is capable and good in this field. Also, i am not trying to scare you guys just wanted to create awareness and let you all know how things can get messed up.

So, if you have any questions just mail me at , as i don't wanna go in minute details and make this post boring.

I need your support more than ever, thank you so much for sticking around.

Also, now i have a vlogging channel which will be updated frequently, do SUBSCRIBE to stay update.

Thanks for your time and i really missed you all.

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