Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Health & Life Update + Pets

A lot has happened since the last time i posting something here, i feel my blog is lacking some personal touch and it makes me sad as i made so many great friends through this medium. Though i might not be regular here this blog and my readers will always remain dear to me not because of the opportunities or little achievements  that came my way.

Let me be honest why i lost interest in blogger for a while... first my married life and all the travelling which came along with it kept me on my toes and i noticed that everyone was trying to do the same stuff. The creative and innovative side of blogging was fading away. I am pretty sure a lot of you would agree with me but i wasn't able to stay away for long. All i can say is i enjoyed the break and now i see so many new talented and young bloggers emerging with great content on both blogsphere and YouTube.

I recently posted a long update video on my channel so i will keep this post short and to the point.
You can watch the video by clicking HERE.

So the past few weeks have been really painful for me, what seemed like a minor back ache in the beginning turned out to be a nightmare for me. Due to stress and physical exertion my back pain got really back to the point where i was unable to leave my bed without assistance. Even sneezing and coughing were a nightmare because it would put pressure on the back muscle. 
I used to dread going to the washroom as sitting and getting up from the seat was very painful. I was really scared as i though its some bone related problem but i turned out to a muscle pull or ligament tear due to bad posture of pushing and pulling heavy stuff. 

Anyways, i am better now but still healing. This time i am seriously planning to do a challenge series on the blog still deciding the content do let me know if you have any suggestions.

On another note i just realised i never introduced my pets on my blog... so a little behind story i wanted to have a dog but as we travel very frequently he/she might not get proper attention care so we dropped the idea for few years.
I was going through a phase where i was very moody and kinda depressed as i wasn't coping well with Sumit's work schedule. So one day just to cheer me up Sumit took me to a pet shop and i just feel in love with 2 cute and tiny Guinea pigs who were coming up to the cage and just squeaking at me, i know adoption is better than buying pets but i didn't have the heart to leave them in a ting and dirty cage and i decided they were coming home with me. This was on 1st May 2016 

Here is picture of them when they were very tiny... since then they have grown a lot and they are forever begging for more food... lol

Will share a recent picture very soon.

So this is pretty much all i wanted to talk about for now, trust me i tried to cut short this post as much as i can but i felt great sharing things again here.

Also, i hope you all had an amazing Diwali, you can see my Diwali outfit on my Instagram

I also have a special festive lookbook featuring my Mom, Sumit and my dear friend Rhea if you haven't seen it yet i am leaving it down here.

This is it for now, you can leave your lovely comment below i love reading them.
I'll see you soon.

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