Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Tattva Spa Gurgaon | Spa Date with Sister

Sometime back me and my sister decided to spend some time together. We planned to shop first and later indulge in some pampering (and the best part i stay at my mom's that night).

We visited Tattva Spa at Courtyard by Marriot, Gurgaon... opsss.. I mean Gurugram. The moment we stepped into the hotel, we were instantly in the relaxing spa mode.

The spa had very soothing and calming vibes and the staff was very warm and friendly. We took our time to go through the whole list of services offered at the spa.  You can find all the information on their site. http://tattvaspa.com/

The essence of Tattva massages is 'Sparsa' or touch based on Indian Ayurveda that strives to attain harmony & balance of the elements in the human body.

I wanted something to loosen up my tensed muscles and ease my body ache, so I opted for Deep Tissue Massage. Whereas, my sister opted for Indian Abhyanga which says -
In this tranditional Indian technique, your body is massage with the finest herbal oil inspired from ancient Indian Ayurveda. This helps reduce your body fatigue and knots in the muscles. Sit back let out healers bring the old magic back to life by relaxing your mind and body.

Before our massage we were asked to fill out a form specifying our selected massage and informing them if we have any injury or medical condition which they should know of. Also, on the form we were asked to mention how we were feeling before the massage by ticking few options. I was very tired and stressed and I mentioned the same on the form.

The best part was selecting oils for the massage, yes.. you can choose your oils depending on your needs and preference. Every oil had different properties and benefits and the staff very enthusiastically briefed us about  it. Once the massage was selected and the oils were picked... we were off to our rooms with our healers.

I always carry an extra pair of inner clothing as we all know the "Spa lingerie" ain't very comfortable.. you can do that too if you feel the same way I do.

My therapist was very soft spoken and polite, the room was spacious with perfectly dimmed lights and the bed was nice and clean. To be honest, I really liked the room it was really pretty.

The Massage

The therapist was amazing at her work and she was applying the perfect amount of pressure. My shoulder muscles were really tensed and she gently pressed and rubbed the right pressure points. I actually dozed off for a couple of minutes during the session. The massage took 60 minutes and it was followed up by full body steam.
I put on the bathrobe and hopped into the steam room, which was clean and perfectly steamy. After staying in the room for few minutes I went ahead to take a shower to wash off the oil and close my pores. The shower cabin had shampoo, conditioner , body wash as well as some extra towel.

I was given enough time to get ready and after leaving the massage section I was offered green tea.
By the time everything was done I was relaxed and very sleepy (so was my sister). She enjoyed her massage as well. It was a day well spent.

If you have Tattva Spa in your city I would recommend you try it out.

Cost for services provided

Deep Tissue Massage - 60 min / 90 mins - Rs 3200/ Rs 4800
Indian Abhyanga -  60 min / 90 mins - Rs 3000/ Rs 4500

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