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Hello , thanks so much for stopping by, m a makeup lover, love experimenting with colours. I love all forms of ART, Creativity is what attracts and inspires me. On this blog i'l share my favorite products, review products, share my Youtube videos, create looks and nail art and anything that crosses my mind .
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  1. hey deeptima !
    u look pretty... and i loved all your make up tutorials...yess i watched old tutorial videos also...loved them !
    i like your style of doing make up.. i read many make up blogs but i truly truly TRULY loved yours.
    XOXO !

  2. thx for the kajol make up. its great!

  3. your videos r great

  4. Hey Deeptima....I just love your videos....Your simplicity and honesty reflects from your face. I almost feel you are like my little sister. I live in Canada and in some odd way you remind me of Chandigarh my home town. Plz send me your contact details at sandhusim@yahoo.com I would love to send you some make up freebies :))

    gook luck and keep making more and more videos...Would love if you make a makeup haul....Would love to see your collection.

    God bless and Takecare hun;

  5. Hey Deeptima,
    I am your new fan from Toronto Canada. I just love ur videos. You could be my sister that I never had. You simplicity and honesty reflects in ur videos. In some stange way you remind me of my hometown Chandigarh. Plz make a makeup haul video...would love to see your collection. Also, If you feel comfortable send me your address, I would love to send you some makeup freebies.
    Godbless and takecare;

  6. these eyes.... maar dalengi..seriously... this make up look in the above pic.. is soooooooooo damn hot n stunning.. god bless u dear... i l around u always... xoxo

  7. When i opened the pic i thought at first i saw Karishma Kapoor :)


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